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Saturday, June 25, 2011 posted by Diana Pulliam

Diana Pulliam

Although I’ve been a Christian since the age of 22, it wasn’t until 2008, while going through an especially trying time, that I asked God what He intended for my life. I told Him I wanted my life to give Him glory, but didn’t see how it was making any difference at all for His kingdom. I asked Him to not hold anything back, I wanted everything He intended for me, and was willing to do whatever He told me to do.

Two weeks later, during my quiet time with the Lord, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Clean your house and write.” The last few years He has given me dreams and visions about the times in which we live. In 2011, I started ‘The Mighty Hand of God’ as a place to write whatever the Lord inspires.


William Thompson

I first heard the audible voice of God speak to me in May, 1986, while intoxicated. Being raised an atheist, this was quit shocking.  After hearing Him speak, I was given a glimpse of the Lord seated gloriously upon the very Throne of the Heavenlies.

After receiving the gift of His only begotten Son as Savior and Lord in June, 1986, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit February 22, 1987, the Lord told me I was called to be His prophet of rebuke and judgment.  Shortly thereafter, the words, dreams, and visions began.

I have lived for Him since that time, declaring the Lord as my whole life and love.