The Word from the Lord given in 2010 was originally posted on this site June 12, 2017.  The Lord wanted it released again today, but now to include details given in a vision immediately following this word.

Word of the Lord God given Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 4:29 A.M. EST

“Hear the Word of the Lord,”

“For thus says the Lord Jehovah, the One Who sits upon the very Throne of heaven,”

“Speak to those who call themselves Christian, who say that they are My sheep, to those who are nothing more but deceivers and have become wolves in sheep’s clothing, to the false shepherds and false prophets who say they have a word from God but have tried to make a profit from it by deceiving My children, by scattering the sheep!”

“Your sins and abominations, your arrogance and pride have come to an end! I can no longer tolerate you living off the fat of the sheep and have taken no care for their well-being, but instead have only been concerned with lining your pockets with money! I speak to you, that I will cause your pockets to have holes in them and you will no longer be able to gather in the wealth! “

“I will take away from you that which you have taken through deception and manipulation. You have been shepherds over the sheep for too long, and instead of binding up their wounds and helping them, instead of giving them nourishment to become healthy and mature, you have scattered them to every area of the world. Too many of My sheep have been wounded, starved, and cast out or run off, and I say to you that enough is enough! I will no longer tolerate My sheep being run off and scattered only to become food for other wolves!”

“No longer will I tolerate you robbing them and then saying that I have sent you! I did not send you, nor did I tell you to sell the prophetic as though you were the world! You have become seers and psychics, not prophets of the Living God!”

“What you have done in public, over the air, over the internet – I will bring to a stop! My sheep, the ones which you have scattered, will know that I have not called you, because I will judge you publicly before their eyes, unless you come before Me now and repent. Come to Me in humility, before the sheep, not in some hidden prayer closet, for the sins which you have committed were done arrogantly and publicly. Come to Me with a broken and contrite spirit, and repent and turn from your wicked ways, and I will forgive you. But if you choose to harden your heart, and say to yourselves that you have done nothing wrong, then I will reveal your sins and I will judge you.”

“In the coming days, I will begin to purge and to judge those who say they are Mine, who have a form of godliness but have denied the power thereof, and I will judge you swiftly and harshly. I will take away from you the source of your pride and the wealth that you have which has caused you to become bold and arrogant – and I will humble you before My sheep! Listen to the word of the Lord! Humble yourselves and repent before the hand of God deals with you and judges you! I will judge those false shepherds and false prophets swiftly, so that My sheep are no longer scattered upon every high hill. I will gather My sheep together, and give to them your wealth, your ministries, and your gifts, because you have not been faithful with them.”

“And then I will deal with this great land, this country which I formed. No man formed this nation, but it was I, the Lord God, Who created it! I am the One Who formed it for My own purposes. But I say to you, America, that you have become a rebellious harlot. You have turned away from your roots and you have despised the gifts that I have given to you. I gave you My children to dwell here so that you would receive the blessing, but instead you have persecuted My children. You have scoffed at their faith. You have scorned and rejected them and have tried to shut them out. But you have only managed to reject the source of your blessings. For this, I will judge you. I will show you that I am in control! I will show you that I am the One Who places people in power, and I remove them away from it.”

“Because of your arrogance and rebellion, I will deal with you just as severely as I will with My sheep. You no longer seek after Me or My will. You no longer tolerate My children. Instead, you have chosen snakes, vipers, and deceivers to be in position of power. I did not choose the leadership of this nation, nor was it My will! I did not place them to further scatter My sheep, but I can remove them! I will tolerate your haughtiness no longer. As I deal with those who say they are Mine but are not, I will deal with you. I will show you that I am the One Who is in control!!”

“Take heed and turn from your wicked ways and turn back to Me! If you do not, then I will deal with you. I will allow you to be brought to your knees before Me. If you do not turn away from your sins, your arrogance against Me, then in the coming days, I will deal with you. I will cause an earthquake to shake your west coast, and as you try to handle this in your own strength, you will be attacked by your enemies on your east coast, even while you are trying in your own vain attempts to clean up the gulf coast! Your leadership will utterly fail and I will remove them. If, even after all this destruction, if you will turn to Me, I will forgive you and will heal your land,” says the Lord.   End of Word

Immediately after giving this word, The Lord instructed me to go down the sidewalk.  I began walking, and after a while, God told me to stop.  The place he had me stop was directly in front of the fence of Trinity Church in NYC.  As I stood there, I was given this vision:

In the Spirit, I saw a map of the state of California.  As it zoomed in, I saw His fingertip point to a place due west of Bakersfield, CA, where He said the epicenter will be.  The city close to where He pointed is Taft.  I was shown the magnitude would be at least an 8.9. 

Immediately he took me to the Gulf of Mexico, in which I saw an explosion.  This was not far from the previous Deep Water Horizon oil spill in April, 2010.

Suddenly, I was back standing in front of the fence at Trinity Church.  As I looked up to the south of the two green-domed financial buildings, I saw two small planes.  They were NOT commercial airliners.  I saw them maneuver as though they were coming directly towards me.  The right wing of the plane on my left clipped the steeple of Trinity Church.  I heard it hit and saw the debris fall on the sidewalk.  People began screaming and running in fear.  Then the two planes continued together until they rammed into the Bank of NY Mellon building (name at time of vision).  As glass fell, I smelled the smoke and saw fire, debris, and people running.  It was very chaotic.  I immediately realized it was not as destructive as the attack of  9/11.  The building did not implode.  End of Vision


46 Responses to ““I Will Judge the False Shepherds & Prophets Who Say They Are Mine!” (Part 2)”

  1. Sharon Webster Says:

    I am always so eager to find out what the Good Lord has given to you and Diana . I look back here all the time to see what y’all have posted and I’m always blown away by the posts. I don’t have visions as the two of you do but The Lord gives me bits and pieces to pass along from time to time and this is what he gave me this morning. The other day I had posted here what HE revealed to me about the black horse in Revelation The Lord told me the horse is called Justice. He also revealed to me that True Christ followers are the Wheat. Today he revealed to me that the barley represents the false prophets. If you notice in that bit of Scripture wheat is more expensive and so a lesser amount of Wheat costs more money but the barley costs the same for more. Wow is all I can say regarding what The Lord has given to us all.This has been such an eye opener for me and a blessing too.The Lord is bringing his sheep fold closer and closer together.

  2. William Thompson Says:

    That is the wonderful part of this whole walk! NO ONE has all the answers! We need each other!! In 1 Cor. 12:21 it says that we, as one part of the body, need each other!! And that we only see parts….not the whole picture. 1 Cor. 13:12 says we see dimly and know in part….which means it is by the Spirit of the Living God that we can see the “big picture!” He is the glue, if you will, of this massive jigsaw puzzle! Those to whom He gives prophetic words, dreams and visions are only tools of His glory, reveal His will and to especially….PRAY! It is not to “date-set” or have people chase after you, but to turn those back to HIM!!

  3. Diana Pulliam Says:

    As William said, we need each other. The Lord has made us so each member is dependent on the others, and together all the pieces make up His beautiful Body!

    You mentioned you look back to the site often to see if there’s been anything added. We are having some internal work done, including the email subscription button. It’s not allowing most to input their name and email for auto notifications of new posts. I can manually add you if you would like? I already have your name and email, so just let me know.

  4. Donna Says:

    Will you please put me on your email list?
    Thank you and may God bless you!

  5. Mark Says:

    The Lord appeared to give me a confirmation about this as soon as I got to the vision He gave me a warning touch/nudge to get my attention..

    Similar vision to yours here Diana…

    Another here about explosion in the Gulf setting off New Madrid… God Forbid!

  6. Hope Says:

    Please add me to your list as well as I do not receive the email notifications either!

  7. Diana Pulliam Says:

    Got you added!
    God bless you!

  8. Mark Says:

    Lois Vogel Sharp was also given a California earthquake prophecy back in Sept and the Lord said it would bring about an economic collapse along with it and also that it would happen before the start of ‘His’ Year. What many do not realize is that he told them at the time of the Exodus, spring time, that they would call that the first month. It begins on March 17th the beginning of Nissan, also I believe, when we can expect the rains of Joel 2 to ‘fall in the first month’…… That is why many are being told it is now time!

  9. Diana Pulliam Says:

    This is really interesting because the vision/word the Lord gave William was posted here months ago, but the last few days I kept getting that I was to re-post it… And William felt he needed to include the specifics of what God showed him right after that initial word. Thank you for these links!

  10. Sharon Webster Says:

    Yes please add me to your notifications list. Thank you very much.

  11. Mark Says:

    Also want to add that some years ago I read about someones dream where they saw Obama light a match out in the Gulf and then set off an explosion. If Jeff Byerly’s prophecy about the fiery kick off even/false flag is correct this may be it. Obama and Company may blow up the huge frozen methane deposit that has been melting ever since the deep well disaster. The methane has seeping throughout the Gulf States into empty caverns and would indeed cause fires throughout the region, as some have seen.

  12. Sharon Webster Says:

    Dear fellow brother and sister intercessors The Lord has laid it on my heart this morning that we need to be praying today in the most fervent prayer we have prayed . I know that I am not the only one feeling this. Today is very heavy. Today there is something truly going on . God wants US to lift him up !!! I lift y’all up too. I am nothing but a sinner saved by THE GRACE OF GOD. nothing more. I don’t want anyone to feel that I am anything special. I am just the same as all of you. It’s just that I have felt led to pass this on. LOVE IN CHRIST.

  13. Diana Pulliam Says:

    I found myself preoccupied by a HUGE distraction this morning. As I prayed earnestly to Him for intervention, and for wisdom and discernment in the matter, He not only gave that to me, but RAISED ME UP IN POWER. I had been on the floor praying, and as I stood up, it all hit me. He gave me such understanding of the matter I was praying and crying about, that I instantly knew the problem no longer existed! He then began to give me revelations over several other items!

    Dear Sister, thank you for this urgent call to prayer. I know it is needed from what He showed me in the Spirit! And He is moving each one of us into position, to be used mightily in the days ahead!

  14. William Thompson Says:

    Thank you for allowing God to use you to give us directions about seeking Him in prayer! I have done so since reading this and will continue in fervent prayer as led by the Spirit of God. And, yes, there is something truly going on….God has been setting the stage!! There is a specific “appointed time” where God is going to open the gates and allow things to flow outward!

  15. Sharon Webster Says:

    I also need to add that I don’t think that I am anything special either. GOD gives each of us gifts and I just want be prayed up and use the gifts he gives me with his wisdom not with mine because without him I would have no wisdom in the first place. I felt I needed to add this because what I said above I felt needed clarification. Love to all of you.

  16. Sharon Webster Says:

    On my way to work this morning I was feeling so down, (I feel this way a great deal lately). All the rain we are having here over what used to be referred to as “The Bible Belt” I feel so down in my spirit. I feel like even the clouds are crying. This may sound rather juvenile but this is truly how I feel. This morning The Lord came to me and in my spirit let me know that he is tired of people calling themselves Christian and having their hands out begging for money to help with this or that. He is tired of people having a form of godliness and denying the Power there of .

  17. William Thompson Says:

    Oh how you have perceived so correctly!! God is not only tired of the attitudes of those who call themselves “Christian,” but His anger is peaking! Paul even came to the point where he rebuked those in Corinth (1 Cor. 3:1-9), and this is because they were still as children when they should have been more mature! This is stirring up the very anger of God! He will come to reprove us because we refuse to “grow up!”

  18. /Cathy G. Says:

    Regarding the “form of Godliness”, My husband and I went to his son’s church last Sunday and got a good taste of lukewarm behavior. When the worship team started singing everyone, including the pastor and his wife, just sat there! I looked around at this 500 seat congregation and was appalled to see that only a VERY small remnant were actually worshiping HIM. My husband felt uncomfortable and told me that everyone was seated and I should too, and I told him, “I am not like other people.” Later he admitted that he was ashamed and needed to ask the Lords forgiveness. I told them that it was another lesson that showed him that he needed a little work on that area of putting man before God. I just closed my eyes and let the Spirit whisk me away from this lukewarm dead church. It grieved me so that I was in tears through out much of the service. I felt like a animal caught in a trap and was willing to chew my leg off to get out of there. After, attending several churches in our area with the same results, I realize that I don’t belong at any of them. When the Lord told me “Come out of her my people” I thought HE meant the church I was currently attending. Now that I have visited a few others I realize HE meant ALL of them. I believe HE is getting ready to judge the church as it is written. Lord have mercy!

  19. William Thompson Says:

    Cathy G.,
    YES!! Judgment begins in the house of God FIRST (1 Peter 4:17)! The “Church” has become so very worldly as the so-called believers have as well. This is spiritual adultery against God and this has stirred up His anger! Too many churches have a set agenda and schedule and God is not in most of those places….so if God is wooing you out of them…..obey the voice of God!

  20. Diana Pulliam Says:

    The same thing happened to me in that I was a member of an organized church for years, until the Lord began to wake me up! I then went church hopping in an attempt to find one with a pastor on fire for the Lord. The Lord finally got through to me that I was being pulled away from “organized” church, where the Holy Spirit is not allowed to move freely.
    Blessings to you, dear sister!

  21. Sharon Webster Says:

    Yes sister !!! I had to go before I could finish his message earlier. The Lord also said to me that he is tired of people also always feeling like they are to always have to have “blessing” in return for “blessing”. He said that charity begins at home and charity has nothing to do with return. Charity has to do with freely giving period. HE says people’s hands are stuck out not to freely give but for what they will get in return. The free will of Jesus is then mocked and God’s anger will not be kindled much longer. HE says this generation of want in a time of plenty is about TO WANT AND NOT RECEIVE !!! THE SCRIPTURES ARE TO MAKE ALIVE AND WELL NOT MOCK THE PRECIOUS SON OF GOD HIMSELF WHOM THE SCRIPTURES ARE ALL ABOUT IN THE FIRST PLACE. WAKE UP PEOPLE FOR JUDGEMENT IS UPON US !!!

  22. William Thompson Says:

    You said that wonderfully!! YES and AMEN! Too many so-called believers give something, but in their hearts it is because they are expecting something in return. Jesus said those people have their reward! (Matt. 5:46; Matt. 6:1-6 are a couple verses). God knows the hidden motives of our hearts and He will judge accordingly. (Matt. 15:10-20) It is the intents and purposes that are hidden in our hearts that make us unclean! And He sees ALL of it!!

  23. /Cathy G. Says:

    Regarding the earthquake, my husband dreamed of this event on 12/27/2017. He rarely dreams but I believe that the Lord gave it to him because he still has most of his family still living down there. In the dream, he was in the backyard of a now deceased relative. He was wandering around when a HUGE earthquake hit. His family lives in Bakersfield and in Shafter Ca. Clearly shaken, he called many of them and told them to prepare spiritually first and foremost, but to stock up on food and water immediately. We went there for a family emergency 2 weeks ago and as I rummaged through cupboards for something to cook I realized that they were bare. I than searched for water, nothing. It isn’t even about lack of funds as they have plenty. They are stubborn, stiff necked people, and they are going to perish and suffer needlessly! It grieves me soooooo! All I can do is pray.

  24. William Thompson Says:

    Cathy G.,
    In most cases this is all that we can and are to do. When God reveals a word, vision or dream, it is to PRAY first!!

  25. Mila Says:

    Diana if it’s possible can you please contact me by email, I want to ask you something.

  26. Sharon Webster Says:

    Thank you so much Sister Diana and Brother William. Blessings to both of you.

  27. Bobbie Says:

    PRAYING FOR ARMIES OF REBUKER’S! I LOVE THE REBUKER’S, you just gotta love them, they’re great and they will come!
    Cathy G.-ALL so bad and so sad what the church has become and yes, you’re right “come out of her” the majority of so compromised and worse Proverbs 9:10 of NO Fear, therefore NO wisdom! So, sad when the pastors have become the dead preaching to the dead and the people love to have it so! SCARY what’s coming and it’s ALL so grievous!
    I’ve been asking how LONG God is he going to let all these false wolves, huckster, con-men, snake oil salesmen, false shepherds prostitute and whore his name and who he is and the People (sheep) are NOT healthy, NOT at all!
    False have been robbing the true for so long and WORSE keeping them from coming into the Kingdom and exchanging it all for LIES!
    Written throughout the WORD= BIBLE! (really sad to say, learned NOTHING* in all my years in sitting in false churches/false leadership who abused the sheep and in it for their own gain; as had to read Bible on my own and Derek Prince woke me up to the Pentecostal Cult in, but didn’t understand; wasn’t applying the Word because of all the abuse and control)!
    *just hymns for being old!

  28. Diana Pulliam Says:

    Yes, I gotta admit I now love the rebukers too! They must have a very special reward for all the accusations they have to put up with. Being accused of “not walking in love,” or “now that sounds so harsh…” God had to work with me a while to get it through my thick skull that a loving Father not only gives plenty of love and encouragement, but must also administer admonishment as well as punishment at times in order to teach the child the valuable lessons of life.

  29. William Thompson Says:

    Yes and amen! So many people have been very deceived into thinking that God is ONLY love…He is a just God as well and He is a balanced God! In Rev. 3:19…God chastens those whom He loves. What parents does not correct and discipline their child? But people, especially God’s people, have become so conditioned with all the right phrases from the Word of God to enforce a very unbalanced perspective of Who God truly is!!

  30. William Thompson Says:

    Thank you for your powerful prayer!! You are so very correct! God is more than just a bit angry with His people “playing church!” There are so many who wave their Bibles about and shouting praises while at the same time they gossip, back-stab one another, and more! How very displeasing this is to the Father. But then….there is their outright enmity against the very God they say that they love!! The time is now and God will begin to cleanse His people….those who have ears to hear!

  31. /Cathy G. Says:

    Bobbie, true worshipers can’t help but call it as it is as we have HIS heart and we hate what HE hates and LOVE what HE loves. Many of us are getting weary as we beat our heads against a brick wall again and again. But we don’t have to be punished along with them, which is why he told me to “Come out of her.” I just misunderstood that HE meant ALL of them. My husband and I believe that HE wants us to start a fellowship at the Rec Hall in our mobile home park. We live in a house just outside of the park and my husband does maintenance here. He has been witnessing the lost ones and encouraging the “burning ones” for the last 3 years but we believe that the Lord wants us to take it a step further. We would love prayers and encouragement or criticism from you, William and Diana if possible. God Bless you all!

  32. William Thompson Says:

    Cathy G.,
    You are definitely on our prayer list! I lift up you and your husband now before God, in the name of Jesus, His Son, that He would pour out upon the two of you great wisdom and understanding, discern and a powerful anointing to do the things which He has called you to do! That the Father direct your steps and bring the people to you as He sees fit…that He be glorified in all that you do, in the name of Jesus! Amen and amen!!

  33. Chidi Says:

    Hi Diana,

    Could you kindly add me manually to your subscription list as the form is still problematic.

    God bless

  34. Diana Pulliam Says:


    I see you had attempted to add previously and only the email came through. I got your full name from the z3news comment, so added it. Did you get the notification of the newest post, ‘The Lion Goes Forth!’? Please let me know if you don’t auto receive the next post. It may be a bit before this is fixed, because other items are being worked out first.
    God bless!

  35. /Cathy G. Says:

    AMEN! Thank you both for your encouragement and prayers. God Bless you!

  36. Bobbie Says:

    We ALL gotta to meet! Cathy, I’M NOT SORRY TO SAY this: A friend called me up a while back and asked me what message would I deliver to church leadership right now? NO HESITATION: REPENT OR DEATH! she was like oh my, oh my! God/Jesus/Holy Spirit been telling me “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”!

    Worse, I got rebuked 10/26/2017 for NOT delivering a message=WHEW! Know better: Will give you this true example (meaning you better OBEY Acts 5:29 and stay on task because Ezekiel 2:all is NOT a Story)! Was told to deliver a message, didn’t do it; (wail, howl, mourn, weep) the guy that day got out of his car and dropped dead on the streets. I have NO excuses*, I have his WORD and all he is asking for is obedience Acts 5:29.
    So, 10/26 was sobering, knew/know better so repented and delivered the message=NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY WITH IT, just delivering (that’s one of ) my favorite lines (the Rebuker person said the same thing) and I’m really glad of his Love, Grace and Mercy that he still allowed to deliver the message and that person was still alive and I’m NOT an Ash/Cinder for NOT obeying!

    Worse, those types; pray for those to die or curse with cancer (anyone sent, not understanding there are Nathan’s to David-2 Samuel 12:all and Michael the Arch-Angel contending for the Body of Moses=Jude 1:9 Examples as well as many others Daniel 10:12-14 (for the idiot christian whose over a prayer ministry that doesn’t believe in the demonic=that is one person who has NOT reading her Bible=that’s scary)! Also, this Ministry wants “no words of judgment” it’s on their website they only want sugar coated feel-ley good words how did they cut out correction, rebuke, judging righteous judgment out of the Bible and ALL those exampes; what about Matthew 11:12?

    Someone recently asked me how do we give and see Mercy (eyes to see as he sees, heart also and Sermon on the Mount, Beatitudes; entire Bible)! For those who are called to that, Leonard Ravenhill writes it best in Why Revival Tarries and America is Too Young to Die! GOD is looking for that audience of one=be that! Be “Are you known in Hell”? Acts 19:14-16! I’ve BEEN a stupid Sheeple so very sad to say=NOT ANY MORE!
    Note: Mel Tari had a sobering example of NOT obeying that he conveyed in book: “Like a Mighty Wind”! Had read that years ago and knew better (had NO one teaching me about applying the Bible that is was real, revelant for today; as grew up in Pentecostal Cult that was very controlling and MURDERED ALL the gifts)! Of, course they want NO correction and or accountability for being a child molesting, homosexual; habitual lying regime; Pyramid Scheme Business that they are! We are NOT judging fruit! They’re fruitless and worse we are tithing, attending and celebrating LIARS! How fearful it will all be on Judgment Morning (Day)! Again, I learned NOTHING in church but how NOT to run one and or behave.

    William: Yes, I was part of a gossiping rat pat church in my early regime so very sad to say! Been apologizing and repenting for! By the way one of my Apostolics isn’t in the church because they don’t teach on Gossip, Usury, Gluttony, Adultery, Basically the 10 Commandments & I Corinthians 6:9-10!

    FOR THOSE (I’m keeping Oil in my Lamp and trying to be ready and repenting, repenting and repenting; I’d rather be scared spitless at what’s coming that NOT) & THERE IS GOING TO BE A VERY RUDE AWAKENING: “Is Death the End, the Reality of Hell” by Arthur Aaron Katz!

    P.S. Many people have given the word “there will be JUDGMENT for this” (they’re called crazy, nut, mocked, ridiculed). Some writer believe Arthur Katz to the tune of: ‘to assault the Prophet is to assault God himself because he is standing for God’ etc.,=what a horrific read!
    What it’s showing me is Pastor’s are NOT reading their Word, they don’t have a fasted/prayed up lifestyle and or an intimate relationship with God it’s a Business to them (Administration Business) and they don’t even know the People and or care to=seen that for Decades!
    Look at 1-27-1991 Leonard Ravenhill what did the Ullimate in Prophet’s do: He brought to attention and delivered the message”! It wasn’t pretty what transpired! NOT AT ALL!

  37. Bobbie Says:

    William/Diana: I will send you the list of: THERE WILL BE JUDGMENTS FOR!
    One Example: Abortions but not only that trying to always murder the children through Vaccines (that’s required by State Law to attend Public Education Dung-Brainwashing School)! Not to mention teaching/telling them through the education system ‘if they can’t cope, kill themselves”! Debbie Mendenhall took those articles public in “Citizen’s Magazine” 1989/1990: Luke 17:2, Matthew 18:5-7, Mark 9:42 comes to mind!!
    Learned out of that: We are ALL God’s Children no matter what age! Guess forgot the ‘Golden Rule’=scriptural!
    This is nothing, tip of the iceberg.

    Judgments for allowing what’s written in: Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips; Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper (judgment for murdering him as well as so many others); The Marketing of Evil/How Evil Works & Snapping of the American Mind by David Kupelian; The Planned Destruction of America by Dr. James W. Wardner, Seeds of Deception by Jeff Smith, Plague by Judy Mikovits, Franklin Cover-up by John DeCamp; Our Stolen Future by Theo Colburn, Sometimes if God has/had a Kid’s Face by Bruce Ritter (Child Prostitution here in U.S.) not to mention Child Slavery, SRA’s etc., that is allowed and going on and the FALSE Church is insulated from a Perishing World! Nothing to the tip of Iceberg, a Drop in the Bucket!

    “As the Church goes so goes the World”, if the WORLD is corrupt it’s because the Church is! VERY MUCH! We are seeing the fruit of that or the lack thereof!

  38. Diana Pulliam Says:

    Amen, Bobbie! “As the Church goes so goes the world.” The “church” has been almost totally infiltrated by the enemy.

  39. Asher Says:

    As I read this, all I could do was sigh. It might be a good thing that I can’t cry right now due to the magnitude of wickedness and false godliness in the churches, because if I cried, I’d be swallowed with grief and would feel like totally giving up, and I can’t chance that. Thank God we can just sigh and frown and that counts somewhere as prayer. This passage came as I was writing, and I truly believe that we are at the point where judgment is the ONLY thing that will catch the attention of the churches (first, then the world) and turn people’s attention back to God:

    **Then He called out in my hearing with a loud voice, saying, “Let those who have charge over the city draw near, each with a deadly weapon in his hand.” And suddenly six men came from the direction of the upper gate, which faces north, each with his battle-ax in his hand. One man among them was clothed with linen and had a writer’s inkhorn at his side. They went in and stood beside the bronze altar.

    Now the glory of the God of Israel had gone up from the cherub, where it had been, to the threshold of the temple. And He called to the man clothed with linen, who had the writer’s inkhorn at his side; and the Lord said to him, “Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and cry over all the abominations that are done within it.”

    To the others He said in my hearing, “Go after him through the city and kill; do not let your eye spare, nor have any pity. Utterly slay old and young men, maidens and little children and women; but do not come near anyone on whom is the mark; and begin at My sanctuary.” So they began with the elders who were before the temple. Then He said to them, “Defile the temple, and fill the courts with the slain. Go out!” And they went out and killed in the city. (Eze. 9:1-7.)

  40. Diana Pulliam Says:

    His judgments are True and Just, and so very needed to shake awake and save as many as will be saved! Thank you so much for reminding us of the Ezek. 9:1-7 scripture. Very encouraging!

  41. Bobbie Says:

    Church Leadership was warned of Ezekiel 9:1-7 teaching hardcore year early 2000: Are You Marked!
    God/Jesus/Holy Spirit has been reminding me of that verse of late!

    They also got the teaching about when Pastor was at a sitting at Keyboard asking, “where were the Elijah’s of God”: warned to read the last two verses of the Old Testament; it was like praying for the Glory that they need coffins in the basement to carry out the dead; better yet put in their Offices as Coffee Tables as a reminder because it’s coming, The Glory, they’re coming; the Elijah’s and God have GREAT Mercy when it all comes.
    Then wrote them: Also, told them Elijah types had come and they didn’t recognize and I’m watching the very Elect be deceived” and got bashed from Pulpit “the church couldn’t be deceived”=NOT Scriptura Matthew 24:24; Mark 13:22l! Sad, the Head Pastor had Governing Authority and very Apostolic but true Apostolic guard and guide and protect the Prophetic and he didn’t do that (I Corinthians 15:26 happened)!

  42. Diana Pulliam Says:

    Ezekiel 9:1-7 is a very sobering warning of what’s ahead. Notice the judgment begins in God’s “house”? Everyone who wasn’t “marked” by the angel was killed. Thank you!

  43. Bobbie Says:

    Diane, William, Asher:
    You know what’s REALLY sad, really sad is one of my most gifted apostolic’s at least two years ago asked me some sobering questions: About Revival* what the Church Leaders Preach wasn’t going to happen and was it too late to pray! Recently went to a church where the focus was on Revival*, Harvest coming in and that was addressed in early 2000 that what are we saving them from and to meaning the dead preaching to the dead and nothing has changed in almost two decades of confronting, correcting and bringing to attention=NO CHANGE for repentance, prayer, examining and living the God of the Bible like Matthew 10:all and Matthew 25:31-end! Addressed where there are people in the Grave waiting for the Rapture* Cult lie as well as Revival* dung trying to make it happen=flesh, carnal, man=Galatians 3:all!
    *Revival and Rapture are words NOT in the Bible!

  44. Diana Pulliam Says:

    For the most part, there has been no repentance in the church. And most are in a state of enmity (hostility) against God. I do believe that nothing will awaken this church but a grievous shaking!

  45. Christine Beadsworth Says:

    It is the same here in South Africa,
    I have visited so many fellowships and come away so broken-hearted over the things I am shown while there. It is so wonderful to worship corporately and I miss it so but every time I think I will just visit a church for the worship, the things I see going on just make me want to flee.

    Truly there is a remnant in the earth in these days. A couple of weeks ago, as I woke up, the Lord said “I am leaving the hotels. Its time to twitter.”. It took me a while to realize the hotels referred to large well run fellowships where each member has their own little assigned ‘room’ to operate and large banquets are provided to feed the flesh.
    The reference to twittering reminded me of the canaries down the mine shafts which were there to signal the presence of dangerous poison gas, before an explosion. So the miners could flee for their lives from the tunnels and return to the surface and the SONshine.

  46. Bobbie Says:

    Christine: It’s so disheartening isn’t it? “The Church isn’t about God, it’s about the side-show”! NO KIDDING! Someone invited me to their church and I could NOT believe ALL the people sitting; attending, tithing also; total demonic music and the Pastor’s Adult Child has the reigns, NOT seasoned, NOT bathed in Prayer just modeling all the used religion salesmen selling THEIR dead wares which is ALL Carnal, Man, Flesh=Witchcraft Galatians 3:1-end! Another big named wants to emulate a man INSTEAD of what God wants and it’s all New Age.

    WORSE, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO LEARN ANYTHING, NOT A THING; using the Bible as Witchcraft only the verses to keep you sick in bondage and coming back for more abuse. These false teachers/shepherds going to use all the old tricks and ploys to get you to give to THEIR Smarmy B.S. Pyramid Scheme and Life Style; all to get coffee, Donuts “exploiting the need to belong” and it’s ALL Lies (celebrating, tithing to Liars)! While they’ve been Spiritual Vampires and Spiritual Cannibals sucked you dry and left you for dead and go on to the next set of “there’s a sucker born every minute” as you’re totally getting deceived (Bible talks about)!

    I think of the Tent Cities, Homeless, Teen Suicides, People (any age Suicides & Entire Families); how evil the World has gotten while the Church is playing dead church (whore and the harlot)! I Remember YEARS ago calling and writing many Famous heads of Church Leadership giving Plight of 12-15 people (short circumstance) and if we did NOT help them they were going to die and all these wolves, hirelings, hucksters, false shepherds/teachers LET THEM ALL DIE and even now some people know in dire straights and I know there is NO help in all these EVIL movements; regimes that call themselves churches they just wanted your money to built their empires and be kept in their lifestyle! We would get treated the same. True Example: Robert showed up at church Tailgate Party wanted to get delivered of Drugs and wanted to accept Jesus; no one offered food or water and was run off the Property=extremely rudely by the way; how many so-called churches like this and what are they about and who are they for? So much for LIVING CHRISTIAN and or Jesus Christ! Look at H.A. Lewis read; when he wanted to accept Jesus Christ a Pastor would NOT let him and how many are demonic strongman types like? “Coming out Alive” by Beth Cavete. Look at the “Sheeple” that are conference junkies, glory hogs and fire bugs making the circus of dead methods and dead programs and NOT healthy; NOT AT ALL!

    Makes me sick to realize WASTED my life and time in these regimes; living my life for and through someone else (know God doesn’t waste a thing, but the grievous of the WASTED years and NOT even getting the Bible from Birth to Death or the Deep things of God (mysteries, parables)! REPENTING!
    P.S. Found people who were fed up with dead church and it’s dead programs that truly wanted to live God of the Bible (house2house movement but you gotta watch out that the organized church wants to proselyte and make you twice the sons of hell as themselves; seen and experienced)! What happened to Matthew 10:all & how about the Entire Bible (True Religion, Golden Rule, Sermon on the Mouth, Beatitudes)!

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