Former Reiki Master Interview

Sunday, November 26, 2017 posted by Diana Pulliam

The following is a link to an interview with a former Reike Master on Tribulation-Now Radio.  This sheds light on some of the mind-control testing and trial runs being conducted all over the planet.  As the Holy Spirit is continually warning, “You must take dominion over your mind, over your will, and over your emotions.  This is where your enemy has had the advantage over you.”

Her interview starts at approximately the 1:30 hour marker:


4 Responses to “Former Reiki Master Interview”

  1. Spreadtheword Says:

    Will these people know scriptures or be well versed in the word?

  2. Diana Pulliam Says:

    Yes, I believe just as Satan quoted scripture when he was tempting Jesus, so will these forces of darkness do so in the days ahead. It’s so important for us to know the whole Word of God, and stay close to Him at all times. We must be able to say and do what we hear Him say and do as darkness descends.
    God bless!

  3. Mark Says:

    I highly recommend this woman, Nellie I believe her name is, to read the deliverance prayer that Jesus gave to Julie Whedbee. It is a very very powerful prayer that is very comprehensive in breaking off of curses effects of evil. I recommend that everyone go through this prayer in order to be sure that you are free from all demons and all generational curses. I have been repenting for years and I could feel the Lord taking things off of me as I went through the prayers, including the second time I went through them.

  4. Diana Pulliam Says:

    Thank you, Mark! Breaking generational curses is very important.

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