“Rend Your Heart – Not Your Garments!”

Saturday, October 7, 2017 posted by William Thompson

Broken Heart

In the early morning hours of September 28, 2017, the Holy Spirit heavily impressed upon me the difference between an outward display, and a true inward display of humility before our God.

The week through October 1st was to be a week of prayer and repentance. It seemed everyone was talking about the need to come humbly before God in the Church, and as a nation.  A particular group of pastors, while praying for the nation and for repentance, quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14,

“If my people will humble themselves…..”

The meaning of the word “humble” in this verse is:  to take a knee; to kneel

This is an outward display! 

What the Lord brought to my mind is the athletes and others we’re seeing on the news “taking a knee” as an act of protest; instead of humility, they’re acts of defiance.  No, God is not looking for outward displays.

In Joel 2:12-13, it says,

“…Rend your heart and not your garments…”

The meaning of “rend” is: to rend; tear; to cut away.

This is an inward display!

To “cut away” points to circumcision.  What God showed me is this is an issue of the heart.  A full surrender to Him is needed, so He can cut away things in our heart – to perform His inward work!

The results, which many are looking for in 2 Chronicles, is that if they “humble themselves,” God will hear and heal the land.  But with Joel 2, it is so much more!

If we allow Him to circumcise our hearts, He will heal, leave behind a blessing, restore the land AND in verse 28-29,  He will give the rain, the former rain – and the latter rain!!  AND “I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh…”

The word for “spirit” means His Shekinah Glory!  This is the Power of His Love –  His fullness!!  All of Who He is!  And the result of this?

“….your sons and daughters shall prophesy,  and your old men will dream dreams!”  We will see and hear and declare the very things of God!!

We have got to stop “playing church” with God!  He knows our heart.  He sees what’s in it.  Until we can stop being defensive, justifying our actions, sweeping things under the rug, and instead allow God to cut it away from us – to circumcise our hearts – we cannot fully surrender in that “full embrace.”

Our hearts must be laid completely bare before Him.  Only then can He fill us with more of Himself.  Only then can we be filled with the very Power of His Love!

When this occurs, we become more like Jesus as we are joined with Him,   allowing access to the Father!!

There must be a complete surrender, not because it’s expected we act a certain way, or because we demand it, but because the Spirit of God is teaching us to be more like Him!

For we must become like Him in order to be united with Him!

Scripture References:

2 Chronicles 7:14, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Joel 2:12-29 “Now, therefore, says the LORD, Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning.  So rend your heart, and not your garments; Return to the LORD your God, For He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness; And He relents from doing harm.  Who knows if He will turn and relent, and leave a blessing behind Him… And He will cause the rain to come down for you – The former rain, and the latter rain…And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;  Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams,  your young men shall see visions.  And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.”

John 14:6,  “…I am the way, the truth, and the life: No man comes to the Father except through Me.”

10 Responses to ““Rend Your Heart – Not Your Garments!””

  1. Sharon Webster Says:

    The Lord is so sweet and his blessing can’t even be counted. When we kneel in prayer with a contrite spirit not letting doubt nor fear of rejection come between he and us. He opens the heavens to his children with blessing and multiplication of blessing. The Lord came to me night before last ,He woke me to tell me in the most quiet est most broken still voice that he loves his creation. This broke my heart too . The most powerful, most High God still loves his creation and he is broken because of rebellion and lust of life. I fast and pray often and the joy I get from afflicting my soul regularly is AMAZING . I am but clay on the potters wheel but I know he rejoices over our obedience. I mourn with him and i rejoice with him. He is my strong tower of what shall I fear. Love and blessings to all of you, my sisters and brothers.

  2. dpulliam Says:

    It really touched me when you said He woke you to say how He loves His creation. His mercy and grace is overwhelming me today, as I so need it! Thank you for this encouraging word, Sharon!

  3. Cynthia Says:

    Thank you William once again for your transparency and obedience to the Lord.
    Always timely and powerful —-
    and faithful as the Lord always is.

  4. Sharon Webster Says:

    Dear Diana, I have meant to get back to you before now. I appreciate you responding to me. I have been much in prayer for our school age children all over our country. It is such a sad day we live in. Anything goes is the phrase of the day. Adults are so ready to accept this anything goes philosophy and then pass it on to our children . I realize things are truly coming together that Our Savior is setting up to take place very soon. A few nights ago He woke me from a deep slumber . He wanted to let me know how he feels. That is when he said to me ,’I LoveMy Creation.” He is so sad , He is so pitiful. He loves all of us, Saint or Sinner. He loves us all just as he says in his word. He willeth the death of none. I just want to live by example and pray,pray,pray all the more. If you haven’t visited a public middle school or high school it is so sad the day we are living in . Our children need help and brothers and sisters I pray for myself and each of y’all . I pray for our brokenness, the things we dont understand and for all of us to know how much he loves us , who want to do His Will above everything else. We don’t know where our when just a word fittly spoken may make all the difference. Love and blessings to each of you is my prayer.

  5. Ann Says:

    Thank you for this, the Lord has been revealing past sins in my life that I have had not repented for; either because I had forgotten, swept them under the carpet, or much worse I justified what I had done and covered it over with a victim mentality. So now I am also wrestling with unforgiveness and bitterness and jealousy towards my enemies. I am in a continuing process of confession/ repentance, yet I have not had a break through. So I come here before you and our Lord Jesus to confess these things and to ask for prayer. It is written where two or more are gathered in His name, He is there, also that we are to humbly confess are sins to one another. I do not have a church body here that I am currently connected to nor do I have a Godly Christian friend to confide in. I am new here and feel very isolated here which I know is part of the problem. So, I am still wrestling with self esteem, self condemnation, a spirit of victimisation and fear. I know these are not of God and that this is tantamount to unbelief, yet in my unbelief I do very much believe in Jesus, I know literally if He didn’t physically save my life on several occasions (not self imposed) , first I wouldn’t have been spiritually saved, second I wouldn’t be here to even ask for help right now. I pray that Jesus will renew my mind, that that which was and are the causes of my PTSD will no longer have an effect on me, that I will see myself through the eyes of Jesus and not my enemies, that I will for once and for all, fully forgive those who tried to kill me as well as those who harmed me and my children; that Jesus will help me to stop beating myself up for things I am unable to change and to forgive myself for not being stronger or making better decisions in order to protect others, myself and my children, for allowing others to control me through fear, intimidation, threats and betrayal, for not fully trusting my Lord to provide for all our needs and that He will met out justice in His good time not mine, for believing the enemy’s lies that I deserve what occurred to me and I’m a failure as as a Christian/person. To be honest I don’t know why these feelings/ emotions have been so strong this past week or what triggered them, maybe because of my son’s unit and the deaths in unit I was support to….but I must trust that God has a reason and He knows how much I want to be whole in Him, all I know is I can’t do this myself alone, I’ve tried my way and the world’s, only You, Oh Lord can dispel this. I am tired, I surrender ALL to You Jesus, I repent, I don’t want to be strong in my own strength, I don’t want to be a horse, I want to be yoked with you , to lean/ rest on and in You alone, not to look to the left or the right, but to you alone. To be healed not just for my good alone, but so that I can be in service of You and others. Please let me be a vessel for noble purposes, to be purified by water and the Word, so that I pass through the fire intact/ polished not burnt as stubble, a stench in Your nostrils. I pray this in Your name Jesus, please fill me to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit, let me not be stagnant, bitter, but sweet like You. As I ask prayer for myself and my children, I also would like to ask for others who were or are in the military and those who were or are part of a military family, trust me none of those I know/ knew have not been changed by what we have been exposed to, the cost for serving is great for both those who served and those who supported them. PTSD is not just for soldiers, way too many families also suffer the effects of secondary PTSD and there is a very high prevalence of undocumented/ untreated incidents of domestic violence and abuse. I know much of this is due to spiritual attacks which have completely destroy families, I also know this is not God’s will for any of His children. Yet, we have not because we ask not, so please join me in prayer. For when you are in the midst of these situations you are in survival mode and can’t see things clearly and with everyone on high alert, 12-24 recall, the tension, stress, irritation, fear and anxiety for all is also high. In these situations it is so easy to pretend to have have it all together, to focus on the things of the world and Not God and not to ask for help or prayer for it is perceived ( for good reason), that it could cause others who do and who don’t believe to lose confidence in or question your abilities, yes it is a lie from the pit of hell, which is why we need to pray as the Lord would lead us. Thank you for allowing me to come here and share a little bit of my burdens and for your prayers for all and agreeing that I will fully give myself to Jesus and accept His forgiveness and to see my human enemies through His eyes, to see that they too are victims and don’t know Him or His truth.

  6. William Thompson Says:

    Thank you for allowing us to share in your burdens. I will absolutely lift you and your family up in prayer! What you have shared is from a sincere heart and God will honor that. It is He Who has been wooing you to Himself and is accomplishing the very work that you are seeking. The outpouring of your heart is a cleansing that only the Holy Spirit can do! The healing can come and will begin. By you being honest and sharing what is weighing so heavily upon you, God will truly be free to do a mighty work in your life and especially your heart. As one who has been a victim of abuse for many years of my life, I know first-hand that only God can set us free and heal those wounds. And, praise God, He is faithful to do just that! I pray, in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus, that He begin to pour out His peace upon you now and break those shackles that have held you down! You are no longer a victim but a child of the Living God and His Word says that He has set you free (John 8:32). Be at peace and allow Him to continue to do a work as this will not occur overnight, in most cases. It is by His grace that we are saved and He will not let go of you until He is finished with His work! (Phil 1:6)

  7. dpulliam Says:

    The Lord is doing an awesome work in your life. He’s obviously purging and cleansing you, as you mention the sins He’s bringing to mind so you may repent of them. The unforgiveness in your heart He is dealing with as well. I know this isn’t an easy process, and can be extremely painful. Just trust Him in this, Ann.

    I’ve attached a link I believe you may find helpful. Just knowing you’re not alone in what you’re going through should be of comfort. God bless you, Ann!


  8. Ann Says:

    Thank you

  9. Bobbie Says:

    Believe Timing is Everything!
    I had to read EVERYTHING on FORGIVENESS could possibly read and that DID NOT WORK! Read my Bible through great number of times and that DID NOT WORK even though was told get in the Word it will heal you (YES IT WILL, it says that and God brings to rememberance his Word; lot’s of verses on healing and brings LIFE; gets us through ALL situations)!

    Set my face like a flint to get healing and deliverance and cried out as believe timing is everything and God does not waste any circumstances in our lives, he doesn’t waste one iota. Spent a lot of time, sucking carpet, sucking stone and praying, crying out to God for deliverance. Had lot’s of Prophetic words regarding and then one day someone handed me a tape in public and said “it was my life’s message”. So, went home and listened to it and cried as yes, it was my life’s message. God used this profound prophetic teaching I knew it as: “The Life of Joseph/The Process message”; later it became: “Wounded and Betrayed Believers are Useful to God” by G. Cooke (free on U-Tube). & 2 Corinthians 1:3-end!

    Also, during this season he brought great teachers, friends, counselors like Derek Prince (teaching tapes/books like “Lucifer Exposed how he wants to destroy your life”; Dr. Susan Forward, Dr. Laura, Victoria Secunda, David Elkind, Dr. Herb Goldberg; Pigs in the Parlor by Hammonds, Tormented (errors) by Curtis, Mary Garrison reads so many WONDERFUL teachers like Leonard Ravenhill and Arthur Katz giving me an understanding of the why of it all! Have a lot of friends who are SRA victims and teach them NOT to concentrate on that but know and learn the GLORY AND THE LOVE OF THE FATHER AND THAT HE LOVES YOU/ME/I/US!=Yes, he does!

    Anointed worship music is very healing.
    1. Revival in Belfast by Mr. Robin Mark, 2. Even, So Come by Kevin Prosch, 3. I Bow Down by Daphne Rademaker 4. Cutting Edge/Delerious Album that’s really anointed can’t recall the Title but find that song: “find me in the river”; 5. Come Heal Our Land by Robin Mark. Kevin Prosch’s older albums/cd’s are really anointed he’s the prophetic psalmist (King of Saints, Save Us, Oh God etc).

    Interesting: “someone took me through a prayer today that I had to forgive myself of whatever decisions and choices”! By the way, help others get through it and it says that in 2 Cor 1:3-end and we have to remember Ephesians 6:all and Psalms 91:all!

  10. Bobbie Says:

    P.S. Have NOT read: Jeff Crippen wrote a book: Cry For Justice regarding Domestic Abuse and spiritualsoundboard.com is a place where abused people can come and share their story; not just domestic abuse but CHURCH ABUSE and rick alan ross institute! There is a SAFE place to express also and community.

    J. Lee Grady who wrote: 10 Lies the Church Tells Women/Lies Men Believe believe he started a Ministry for Women because of what he learned in researching those books! David Johnson and Jeff Van Vondern wrote: Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse (Jeff has written quite a few more). I collect books on Church/Child abuse!

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