Prophets and Prayer Warriors, “Come Forth!”

Friday, September 1, 2017 posted by Diana Pulliam


The morning of August 27, 2017, I felt a strong call to enter into prayer with one of my prayer partners.  After we’d prayed a few minutes, the Holy Spirit began to move, and proclaimed the following:

“Listen you prophets!  Turn your ears toward the Lord your God.  Hear His call and come forth from your caves!”

“Come from the four corners of the earth.  Come out from your hidden places!”

“Do not hold back! “

“Open your mouths now!”

“Shout it out!”

“Blow the Trumpet!”

“Warn My People!”

Then the Holy Spirit began to speak to the “pray-ers” within the Church, saying,

“I speak to my praying warriors.”

“Call together, call My people forth.”

“Call them to come humbly before Me.”

“Pray My people empty themselves before Me, so they may be filled.”

As we spoke forth these words, I saw a vision of the following:

Just as in the vision received on August 21st, (see ‘Call Upon Me-Before I Lift My Hand’)        I saw members of the Church on their knees in small groups.  Heads were bowed, with arms extended down and outward at their sides.

As soon as I saw the members down on their knees, I also fell to my knees (in real time).  I heard them say, “Lord God, we come humbly before You.  We empty ourselves and ask to be filled with You.”  Everyone then raised their hands to chest level with palms open as if waiting to receive from Him.  End of Vision

While I was still kneeling on the floor, my friend came with oil and anointed me.  Then laying hands on me, she began making the following declarations:

“It’s not by your power. This is not in your strength.  It is of God.  He will do this!”

A few minutes later, I rose to my feet and we both sat down and began discussing what’d just taken place.  It was then she said, “Diana, when this started, my hands were tingly and warm.  I felt I was holding something in my hands.  My hands were full, and I knew I was to give it to you.  Even now, I’m still holding something in my hands.”

As we began to inquire of the Lord about why her hands still felt full, she stood up, poured anointing oil into her right hand, came over and laid her hand on my head.  She began praying powerfully in the Spirit.

As she prayed, I felt a strong move of God.  The Lord was imparting through her – to me.  I knew I was acting as a conduit for this flow of His Spirit. I extended my right arm out toward the Body of Christ, as I felt great power and love flow through me outward to all the members.

After a while the flow stopped and she knew her hands were “empty.”  We both were filled with a spirit of great joy and celebrated before Him.


She explained to me, that during the second anointing, God would not let her look away from her right hand which was placed on top of my head.  The Lord made her fully aware it was not her hand, but that of a priest. She said, “I was acting on behalf of a priest!”

I prayed for several days for further revelation.  It was as if we were “acting out” something in the natural that was, or soon will be, happening in the spirit.   The question I kept asking was, “Lord, why the two very separate anointings, and why was the second performed by a priest?”  The morning of  August 31st, I received the answer:

While in prayer, the Holy Spirit revealed the anointings are indeed two separate phases, or waves.  In the spirit, I saw a gigantic wave coming in, and shortly thereafter, another wave.

The First Wave

The first anointing was for the prophets and praying warriors:

The prophets (apparently many concealed until now) are being called forth and anointed to:

“Listen you prophets!  Turn your ears toward the Lord your God.  Hear His call and come forth from your caves!”

“Come from the four corners of the earth.  Come out from your hidden places!”

“Do not hold back! “

“Open your mouths now!”

“Shout it out!”

“Blow the Trumpet!”

“Warn My People!”

The praying warriors are being called forth and anointed to:

“Call together, call My people forth.”

“Call them to come humbly before Me.”

“Pray My people empty themselves before Me, so they may be filled.”

The Second Wave

The second anointing was for the people brought forth by the prayers of the “praying warriors.”  Consider the vision shown of this group:

“Lord God, we come humbly before You.  We empty ourselves and ask to be filled with You.”  Everyone then raised their hands to chest level with palms open as if waiting to receive from Him.

This anointing was in direct answer to their prayers, and administered by Jesus Himself.  He is our High Priest – the High Priest of our confession.  The great power and love I felt flowing through to the Body of Christ was indescribable, but comparable to what I’d experienced when given a glimpse of Glory in 2016.  I recognized this to be the Glory of God, which will come upon the Body of Christ, the Bride, in the days ahead of us.  This Glory, the very LOVE of God will literally infuse the Bride of Christ and manifest upon the earth through great signs and wonders.    NOTHING will be able to withstand or come against it!  It will be the Fullness of Jesus Christ on the earth.

For a wonderful revelation of this Love, which will pour forth from the Father to our Bridegroom, and then to the Bride, I recommend ‘The Power of His Love’ posted August 25, 2017.

Everyone, please pray for further interpretation.  It’s clear, “It’s not by your power. This is not in your strength.  It is of God.  He will do this!”

Our God’s doing a mighty work, preparing the Bride for His Son.  The Bride will be used to bring in the greatest harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God in the history of the planet.  But everyone in the Church is commanded to pray the Lord of the harvest will send forth laborers into the harvest.

I truly believe our role in this process right now is to spend as much time as possible on our knees in prayer.  Pray, Church, pray!

Scripture Reference:

Joel 2:1, “Blow the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in My holy mountain!”

Isaiah 58:1, “Cry aloud, spare not; Lift up your voice like a trumpet; Tell My people their transgression…”

Zechariah 4:6, “…Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.”

Hebrews 4:14-16, “Seeing then that we have a great High Priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God…”

Matthew 9:38, “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.”

Luke 18:1, “Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart…”

23 Responses to “Prophets and Prayer Warriors, “Come Forth!””

  1. Jeff Byerly Says:

    Diana, thank you for being obedient to the Lord and posting this message.
    The Lord is indeed calling many into the prophetic and intercessory ministry. These ministries will be vital for the body of Christ as we move ahead into the darkness that is descending upon the earth.
    If you are feeling the call from the Holy Spirit to move ahead in either of these ministries and are not sure in going about starting out, please contact Diana or myself and we will be glad to see how the LORD will direct you at this time.
    My email address is

    Do not delay any longer I believe the time is NOW!

    Blessings, love, peace and protection to all in Jesus Christ!

  2. dpulliam Says:

    I got a further word about these things this morning. The only way to describe is to say: RED ALERT! The ark door is soon to close.

    To all reading this comment: Not every “saved” individual in the Church will be a part of the “Bride” – the laborers used to bring in the harvest. I echo what Jeff has said. If you’re feeling called into the deeper waters, and wish to connect to a “Network” of other believers, please feel free to contact Jeff or myself at
    God bless you!

  3. Sheri Bunn-Markryd Says:

    Praise the Lord for both of you and your unwavering obedience to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yes, I have been sounding the alarm for quite some time now and I am sensing from the Holy Spirit to fire the sirens louder and if they don’t want to listen then I shake myself off and move on to other souls. Prayers and fasting are at hand right now. JUDGEMENT IS HERE… Jesus wants us to save souls this is why we are still here. God Bless love and peace. Sister Sheri

  4. Jeff Byerly Says:

    Diana and Sherri, I was just speaking to a few brothers and sisters in Christ about the Urgency that I all have been feeling. It seems that everyone that is “tuned into the Spirit” is feeling this. With the eclipse, Harvey past, and Irma and the sign of the woman from Rev 12 coming soon I believe the warnings will be over and the “kick off event” will soon follow.

    Children of God get into alignment with what the Lord is saying Now!
    I pray that the Lord quickens these words to your spirits.
    May He bless and speak to you all as you seek Him diligently!

  5. Cynthia Says:

    Diana, would you pls explain about the 40 days ending on Sept 30th and is that America’s last chance to repent? Thank you for this powerful word for the Body of Christ and for the Bride—I know the Lord speaks to you and I believe you are very consciencious.

  6. Cynthia Says:

    Jeff, I agree. I feel strongly in my spirit September is an extremely important month. We must not look at the storms—we Must keep our eyes on the Lord, focusing strickly on Him. Just as a woman in the final stages of birth, she could scream in fear, terror, thrashing about hopelessly–out of control Or she can focus on her coach, Jesus, her King, her Commandar, her Savior, her only hope, the One who loves her and will help her through. No matter what comes, we must be found standing on The Rock, standing on The Word of God. No matter if we Feel God or not we cannot be led by our emotions–we must believe His Word, believe His promises, we must Trust Him, Trust our Lord and our King.

  7. Donna Says:

    Could you please give me scripture where it tell that not all who are saved by the blood of Jesus will be part of the bride? Thanks Donna

  8. William Thompson Says:

    The Word says in Matt. 20:16 and Matt. 22:14 that many are called but few are chosen. And then you can read about parable of the marriage of the son, which is in Matt. 22:1-14. This parable is about Jesus, the Son of the King! It also points us to the guests of the wedding feast and the want of a wedding garment. You will notice that the Bride does not come into focus in this parable as it is about the marriage feast! And then read the parable of the ten virgins in Matt. 25:1-13. It says that only half of those virgins were prepared and allowed to enter into the marriage supper. So, this clearly shows us that not everyone is going to be approved to enter in.

  9. Doug MacCallum Says:

    Hi. I received this word back in July.


    My current employment, of almost 20 years, has been a blessing from the Lord in many ways. My sales territory consists of the Inland NW, covering Eastern Washington, through Idaho and Montana. I also cover the B.C. Canadian Interior. I drive throughout these areas and I never get tired of the spectacular, raw, beauty of God’s Creation. Over the last few years I have been wondering how God continues to bless us with this ongoing, year-to-year, plenty, despite the apostasy and downward slide our nation has been experiencing for many years now. Romans 2:4 has also come to me many times;

    “Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?”

    On my way to Canada this past week, this verse came to mind again. Then the Lord told me the following:

    I have reached out to your nation for many years to return to Me with their whole hearts. I have witnessed, with great sorrow, how it (USA) has allowed terrible injustices on their fellow man. The African American, the Native American, the Jew, Japanese, Chinese, have been abused for the purposes of Mammon, beyond belief. Many have been stripped of their livelihoods, possessions, and lives, in order to further the agenda of Hell in your land. And, as if this isn’t enough, now they have turned on the innocents and the unborn children, to deepen their pockets and enlarge their kingdoms. But, just as Abel’s blood cried out of the Earth, so too the blood of these oppressed people has, and is, crying out to Me in this hour! I have chastened your nation in times past hoping that America will repent and turn from their wicked ways. I have blessed this nation beyond any nation in history in the hope that America would wake up and recognize My Goodness poured out upon it and come and reason together with Me, that I might forgive and heal her. America has only slidden lower into Satan’s lap, doing his bidding and completing his plan for her. Even My Church, in your nation, that has My Word and Its Truth, and the history of Israel in times past, has, for the most part, turned a deaf ear to My Pleadings, through My Spirit, and My Servants that I have called to be My Watchmen and Light Bearers in this dark hour of America’s history. My Word is clear about what happens to an unrepentant nation that I have blessed and set apart from other nations, a nation that has had My Spirit shine brightly, as a Beacon, to other countries, and proclaimed My Truth to those in ignorance and deception. A nation, whose salt has lost its savor, is only good for scattering on the ground and be trampled on. As I have shown what has happened to such a nation in the past, this too is about to come upon America. The vials are full with the tears of the slain and oppressed in your nation. America, that has cried out against the evils of Nazism, Communism, and other forms of tyranny that take the lives of the innocents, has now become worse than these! Where is the Judgement against your war crimes!? Do you think I have not seen the rank corruption that drives your American policy throughout the Earth?! You perpetrate all forms of sexual perversion and enslave the innocent to fulfill your lusts! I have shown you what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah! Do you think these sins have escaped My notice?! You rob, cheat, steal, and murder, to line your pockets with gold. America is sick beyond healing, from the head to the feet. The whole nation reeks as a stagnant swamp and its rankness has reached My Nostrils! The Time has come, and now is, when My Justice and Judgement on this nation must begin! You will rule the day you turned your back on Me. But, in My Great Wrath on this nation, there will also be My Great Mercy and Grace for those people who call out to Me and repent with a sincere repentance. I discipline in My Love. I desire that all men be saved from Eternal Hell Fire. There will be those that turn from wickedness and come to Me. But, many, if not most, will only continue in the enemy’s deception and turn a blind eye to Me. They will suffer the consequences of their misguided actions.

    As for My Holy remnant, I say, Fear not! I AM WHO I AM and I change not! I know who is My Own, and I will never leave nor forsake you. Follow Me, if even unto Death, for Death is only an exit into My Reality. I have made all things ready in My Realm for My Beloved. Some will be brought Home sooner than others. For those that remain, in the midst of My Judgement, I have a Mighty Work for you to do before you come Home. This will be The Hour that My Bride, My True Church, will shine as never seen before! Did I not say you will do greater works than what I did?! My Body, joined under My Headship, and fully armored with all I will provide, will go forth and deal a Mighty Blow to the serpent’s head. Then all of Heaven and Earth will see My Glory revealed through My Bride as I have declared in My Word! This will be Her finest hour, before My Wrath envelopes the entire Earth. Be encouraged My Love, My Choice One! Many children will come to Me in this Time. The harvest will be great, so prepare yourself in Myself and We will complete My Great Plan that I ordained before the Creation!

  10. dpulliam Says:

    Thank you for sharing this Word with us! Praise God!

  11. Jym Hitte Says:

    Diana, thank you so much for your obedience and faithfulness to proclaim the word of the Lord. I read your posts that are shared by James Bailey at and only today journeyed to your site to read these posts about the prophets and intercessors coming forth. Doug MacAllum’s post resonates with me as I travel around the Southeast of America. Sunday, September 3 while in corporate worship, I felt a deep heaviness in the Spirit and spent most of the worship time praying in tongues. This was a heaviness that I have felt before at times, that is only relieved by praying in the Spirit and asking for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. These are truly momentous times and God is indeed calling forth his prophets and intercessors for the final harvest to be completed. Thank you.

    Jym Hitte
    Cleveland, TN

  12. dpulliam Says:

    I understand what you’re saying, as just yesterday morning while in prayer, I felt a great heaviness in the spirit for the many who will not heed the warnings going forth all over the earth. Pray, Saints, pray for these! Thank you for your comment, Jym!

  13. Paul East Says:

    Praise the Lord Diana! I’ve been enjoying the messages you have been posting and anxiously awaiting your next. When you say that every saved individual in the Church will not be a part of the Bride – the laborers used to bring in the harvest, I understand that the Bride has a specific work to do. What I want to understand is the others in the Church that are save what goes on with them at this time. Also I’m looking at William Thompson comments giving reference to the ten virgins. I’ve always thought that the five wise were save who had oil in there lamps and the other five were lost. It seems that scripture used in reference for this subject would imply that those excepted as part of the Bride will be saved and the others that was said to be saved will be lost. I’m just trying to get a understanding of this. I read all of your messages and never had a need for an explanation. I believe the work that you are doing is right for the season that we are living in. Thank You.

  14. dpulliam Says:

    Hi Paul,
    I’m glad you asked this question, because I should have worded my comment a little differently for clarification. It may be easier to picture an actual “church” setting.

    You have a room full of professing Christians, but most probably if Jesus came for His Bride, not everyone in that room would be taken. You’d have some cold, some lukewarm, and some hot spiritually. Jesus said He’d spew the lukewarm out of His mouth, and counsels them to buy gold refined in the fire. Most believe the lukewarm will indeed be tried by fire in the tribulation, as we know it usually takes a great shaking to wake us up from a state of lukewarmness! Revelation 3:15-18. The same is described with the 10 “virgins” in Matthew 25. Notice they’re all virgins (church). But 5 were wise and 5 foolish. The 5 wise had enough oil (Holy Spirit) to make it, and the 5 foolish didn’t. Again, the “lukewarm” virgins were counseled to go buy more, but the Bridegroom came while they were out. It seems the lukewarm in the church will still have a chance at salvation, but will have to go through the fire so-to-speak. Hope that helps to clarify. Blessings to you, Paul!

  15. Paul East Says:

    Praise the Lord Diana, that explanation was great and very clear. I’m so glad I enquire because I’ve learned more about the 10 virgins. Thank you very much and may the Lord continue to use you with such great blessings.

  16. Petra Ann Says:

    Today, I went to a morning prayer service and was very grieved and frustrated. Prayers were being offered up for the sinful masses, to thwart the devil and that God would bless us more, not really about our humbling ourselves before a mighty God. They stated that the ‘prophets’ said God ‘it wasn’t time yet’ and He would bless us. As much as I would like that to be the case, I believe that these things that are occurring are to shake us out of our slumber, for time is short. So, I feel the Lord led me to His Word on the 7 Churches in Revelation for repentance for myself personally and as a part of the Body of Christ. This is the month of Elul, a time of repentance, so counting today’s date we have I believe 20 days till Yom Kippur/ Day of Atonement, I am always awed when I think of the implications of this day of how blessed we are for the gift of Jesus redeeming us by His blood. It is through His blood atonement the we are at-One-meet with Him and the Father. So, I felt led to have a 20 day time for repentance for myself and my children and happened on this article this evening and I felt encouraged that indeed this was of Him and not me. so I would like to share this with you. Blessings, Petra.

    My beloved sons, this is my Lemuel letter to you; as you know this is Elul, a time of REPENTANCE, especially now for time is short and the labor pangs or contractions are starting to come more often and stronger. I know no one but Abba Father knows the delivery date or time. Yet, just as with you, I knew when you were settling into position, I was anxious to meet you, worried and fearful that you would come too early or that something could go wrong before or during your delivery, especially since I almost lost each you early in the pregnancies. Not to mention, during the long labors I was so tired, weak and didn’t think I could push anymore, yet by the grace of God you are here. So day by day let us focus on repenting for the following and please know that there is a method to this, to bring everything to the forefront of our minds on Eve of Yom Kippur and the day of Yom Kippur as we humbly repent and seek correction and forgiveness from the Lord Jesus. 2 Chronicles 7:14
    Remember not to look to the left or the right, eyes straight forward, and don’t look back as Lot’s wife.
    Sept. 11. Repent for unforgiveness and bitterness.
    Sept. 12. Repent for judgemental/ Pharisee spirit…
    Sept. 13. Repent for not being content( we are to praise Him in good times and bad).
    Sept. 14. Repent for not trusting Him or relying on His Providence.
    Sept. 15. Repent for being given to fear.
    Sept. 16. Repent for not obeying, for not reading the Word of God daily, and not being still and listening to the Holy Spirit.
    Sept. 17. Repent being wise in our own eyes, yet foolish in the eyes of God, ask of wisdom.
    Sept. 18. Repent for being mule-headed, stiff necked, needing blinders and a bit to be led.
    Sept. 19. Repent for any and all sexual immorality, especially thoughts or dreams. Must take All thoughts captive in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Sept. 20. Repent for not tiding faithfully with time and money and for debts.
    Sept. 21. (Rosh Hashana) Repent for not taking care of widows and orphans as we should *(or aiding other to do so)
    Sept. 22. Repent for not taking care of those who hunger and thirst as we should.*
    Sept. 23. Repent for not taking care of those who are sick or injured as we should.*
    Sept. 24. Repent for not giving a cloak, tunic, or something needed.*
    Sept. 25. Repent for not praying/ blessing those who are our protectors, first responders and especially our leaders both foreign and domestic. (Always, always remember to bless the Apple of God’s eye).
    Sept. 26. Repent for not praying and encouraging those who suffer and or are prisoners for the Lord’s sake.
    Sept. 27. Repent for not honoring our parents as we should.
    Sept. 28. Repent for not praying and blessing those who preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus.
    Sept. 29. Repent for not fully loving the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and for not loving our neighbors as ourselves.
    Sept. 30. ( Yom Kippur) Repent for taking for granted our Salvation bought and paid for by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  17. dpulliam Says:

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing that confirmation. God is so Good! And what a great plan you have for repentance for the remaining days! God bless you, and please stay in touch!

  18. Sharon Webster Says:

    The “Glory Of The Lord” is awe !!! It is manifested in his spirit through his praying people. We shall feel and see his love before us as never before. We are a truly blessed and faithful people. God please keep us so, so that we may do and complete your work as such. Our Great and Glorious Father. Amen

  19. dpulliam Says:

    Amen! We are truly a blessed people! May we fully yield and be quick to obey our Father in the work He has laid out for us in the days ahead.

  20. Sandy Says:

    Hi. My name is Sandy. I retired from nursing 5 yrs ago and we moved to the “boonies” in West Texas. Almost immediately I was diagnosed with colon cancer and began the journey down that road. I am cancer free but my life has seemed to be one distraction after another since. I always felt that the Lord brought us here for a purpose. To learn more about Him, spend time with Him, which I have done none of!! I didn’t understand my purpose (after 35 yrs of nursing) and I was VERY lonely. Lately though I feel HIS “pull”. I am to do what he first instructed me to do, but I have no idea where to start. How do I become a prayer warrior? Your help would be much appreciated.


  21. William Thompson Says:

    There is no set “formula” to becoming a prayer warrior in my opinion. This is because we are all different with different circumstances to deal with. That is what is so amazing about our God! He knows each of us intimately, every detail about who we are and about our lives! This “pull” which you feel is the love of the Father wooing you to Him and He will guide you in what you need to do! First, set aside some time and seek, read His word and pray. As you cultivate this into a habit, God Himself will show you what is next whether it needs to be more time to read or to pray over others. We have to work on our relationship with Him before we can pray for others as it is His Spirit that will direct our prayers and as we are faithful in that, He will give to us more and lead you to become a mighty prayer warrior for His glory!

  22. John Says:

    Again, I’m amazed at how so much of what you are undergoing corresponds with Catholic prophecy (that almost no Catholics listen to it anymore sadly). But Louis de Monfort (18th cent) spoke of the age of the Holy Spirit and the rise of very great saints and great prophets. And many, many true prophets spoke of the chastisement, and some of the great restoration. It is the greatest event since the Incarnation (when God emptied Himself to become man, in truth an act greater than Creation itself). So much of what y’all are undergoing is the purgation of the Dark Night of the Soul, described by John of the Cross, in preparation for Divine Union, or what is called mystical espousal. Catholics have almost totally lost the Faith and all their treasures. So many I fear will be lost in the coming days. There is no belief any more, no love of Christ, no charity. But there is still a small army of warriors in the Church, and they are growing in numbers and in strength.

    In any case, it is wonderful to see God at work. And be assured the Blessed Mother is raising a great army right now , hidden for the time being. but She is “fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army in battle array.” All heaven is in this battle and satan’s hour is nearly over. Praised be God!!

  23. Bobbie Says:

    I’m weeping as just found this site yesterday. I only read to: pray for the people to empty themselves and have read NO Comments:
    I’ve been praying for Armies of Apostolic/Prophetic and Intercessors and Jehu’s* and Elijah’s, Deborah’s, Jael’s and Esther’s. Praying for the Glory and the Fire of God (he will clean house); along with the deep dark and hidden secret things be revealed (according to the Bible=Word)! Ask God HOW/WHAT to pray.

    What’s really bad haven’t been in/to a Building for a long time (meaning people are the church) because NO Bible going forth like rivers of living water and NO prayer let along Holiness, Righteousness, Repentance and Truth; ALWAYS asking well is anyone praying instead of preying on the people? TRULY REPENTING AND PRAYING! Worse, everyone is too busy to get together for Prayer like Home Fellowships and the horrific warfare there (everyone got scattered Jeremiah 23: and Ezekiel 34)!

    It’s like Church Exiters know; why would we want to get dressed up and leave our homes to go hear the dead preaching to the dead=no kidding; worse teaching lies and tithing and celebrating liars who are giving us their gospel, their god, their jesus and their unholy spirit=why would we tolerate “exploiting the need to belong”?

    Have some Apostolic/Prophetic friends really going through it; so called a friend and asked who really truly prays true prayers and not witchcraft/wrong prayers so she told me where. So went, and unreal finally an oasis of intercessors, battle-axe warrior maidens/men but I couldn’t get an answer of where do they meet for prayer=weep, howl, mourn (we’re that busy and committed to stuff=never saw a u-haul follow anyones Hearse or was it closed session)?

    I’ve been asking Churches/Leadership to set aside their dead methods and dead programs and JUST PRAY AND REPENT, SPEAK THE WORD AND TRUE WORSHIP (not this murdering the music dung/garbage); everyone should be doing that. One of their Intercessors called and prayed over me over 30 minutes NEVER met and God let her read my life and asked her, I want a group that is praying and repenting and she couldn’t give me any place (the one place she suggested was totally dead=wrong bless me club building kingdom to self and people aren’t judging fruit and weighing by the Bible).
    Can’t we come together like “Power of The Blood” by H.A Maxwell Whyte regarding the five women that got together that prayed and changed a course of a Nation. Bible says Matthew 18:20; Joshua 23:10 and Deuteronomy 32:29-31; 2 Kings 6:16; Matthew 7:13-14 group understand the Power of Prayer. “More things are Wrought by Prayer than this World Dreams Of”=and I add fast and pray your guts out.

    Why also, does it just have to be JUST women where the Holy Men like Leonard Ravenhill types who prayed and intercession for a World (“Why Revival Tarries/America is Too Young to Die; Sodom Had No Bible”)!
    I’ve been praying that those who were in their womb, tomb and cave BREAK FORTH (God’s TIMING is EVERYTHING). Those who have been hidden and training long and coming out with the Sword of the Lord in their Mouths and they will come.

    Been telling people for years live, eat, breathe, sleep, think, proclaim, shout, roar, speak the Word-Isaiah 55:10-11; John 10:10-16.
    Also, the Apostolic/Prophetic didn’t go to Modern Babylon Fuller Cemetery they went through God’s school of training (not Man’s) that’s why important to ask/inquire if you can read Books, Tapes, and go to Conferences as men die by degrees. Sons/Daughters are led. Note Ezekiel 2: message, NOT responsible for what they do with the message as delivering. I keep before me Bible: Who goes to hell so I don’t go there as Numbers 23:19, NOT a wrong fear of the Lord but a Holy Fear and Proverbs 1:7 and Proverbs 9:10 we desperately need Wisdom and HEARING from the Throne of God the Father.

    *Praying for Jehu’s as it wasn’t Elijah that slew her but Jehu.
    Psalms 29:7-10; heard this awesome Prophetic message 4-16-1998 “Gatekeepers of His Glory” by Jill Austin was there to hear it all go wonderful. Now am going to read rest of memo and the comments and probably weep some more.

    P.S. My lament to God is I don’t need money in heaven, food in heaven, shelter in heaven, provision in heaven, riches in heaven and healing in heaven I NEED HELP NOW, GOD SEND HELP (and for those in the same boat) any answers? God please send Asher, Joe and those who are crying out for the same; send them help and total deliverance of hope, place and purpose=Psalms 68:6 send people who truly believe the God of the Bible and LIVE the total Gospel not verbiage but total action total True Religion-James 1:27 and Golden Rule-Matthew 7:12.

    He told me he can change things overnight or in an instance and he doesn’t lie and I know he can do whatever he wants, he is God and i am not; from that learned to ask to have eyes to see and ears to hear=his lenses and absolutely NO FEAR, no fear of man/faces of what anyone can do Matthew 10:28. Let God be true and every man a liar as heard someone prophetically proclaimed before they spoke. AMEN, AMEN & AMEN!

    P.S. In the vast scheme of things, I’m NOTHING, i’m dirt, refuse, scum; filth of the world but it’s by his GREAT LOVE AND MERCY, GREAT LOVE AND MERCY AND TO HAVE HEART UNDERSTANDING; KNOWLEDGE OF THAT from mere chit of a woman who LOVES GOD AND HIS GLORY! I just want to see the healing of the sick and the raising of the dead=literally and HE GETS ALL THE GLORY! Proverbs 11:30, Luke 15:7-10; 11-end.
    It’s definitely Malachi 4:5-6 call NOT just early Father but the Vertical of our relationship with the Heavenly Father. Matthew 6:9-13!

    Diana=Thank you for being obedient; can you imagine had you hadn’t obeyed so happy that you are doing this=it’s rich BLESSINGS!

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