Hurricane Harvey – May Not Be What You Think!

Monday, August 28, 2017 posted by William Thompson


There have been many words going out about the eclipse and Hurricane Harvey.  Some believe this hurricane was the beginning of God’s judgments.  But I feel certain, based on what the Spirit’s communicating to me, that the judgments have not yet begun!

The Lord sent forth warning of His coming judgments by those who pointed to the eclipse as a sign from God.  This sign was to warn people that judgments are indeed coming, and they cannot be stopped!  God had several of the Saints direct people to look to the events involving Jonah (see ‘Call Upon Me – Before I Lift My Hand’) .

If, as in the case of Nineveh, God’s given the people 40 days in which to come humbly before Him in a spirit of repentance, then how can Harvey be said to be a judgment from God?  Did He change His mind?  That would mean God gave a sign in the heavens and then only gave us a matter of a few days in which to come before Him and repent!

We know the Lord’s removing His hand from off the United States.  We’ve seen confirmations of this in the form of natural and man-made disasters for years.   But the prophets have received many dreams and visions of the judgments of the Lord beginning over the nation, with the beginning of such described as a “kick-off” event.  I concur, and believe the beginning of the judgment period will indeed be marked by something that will be hard to misinterpret by the true Body of Christ.

Many Saint’s around the world were earnestly praying for the Lord’s merciful intervention regarding this storm.  God’s hand stretched forth in such a way that He took the very eye of the hurricane and moved it to land on Rockport – NOT Corpus Christi!  What I see in the spirit is that God’s demonstrating His glory and His power – even with this hurricane!

I believe Hurricane Harvey was man-made to bring destruction to the state of Texas for several reasons.  But God caused it to downgrade so rapidly that the destruction and loss of life was not what was expected! God put the eye of it to make landfall upon Rockport!

When you hear of “rock,” think of what our Lord Jesus said to Peter, and the fact that the LORD is our rock!  He will build His church upon the Rock! What the Lord’s imparted to my spirit is that He’s preparing to rain down such a mighty outpouring of His Holy Spirit upon the Bride of Christ, that the floodgates of Heaven can barely contain it!   God is preparing to literally raise up and build the very church, the Bride, by His power and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit! It’s going to be a powerful, mighty, and rapid move of God!

I truly believe Hurricane Harvey was meant to be a message to the Church.  Not only did He respond to the prayers of His Saints, showing His great mercy in preventing the loss of many lives, but He’s given a depiction of how great the outpouring of His Holy Spirit upon His Bride will be.

The Love is growing and building up from the Father to the Son, and from the Son to His Bride.  When the heavens can no longer contain this Love, it will be manifested upon the Earth.  Please see ‘The Power of His Love.  In this vision, the Lord showed a massive hurricane in order to reveal what He’s about to do, and it hasn’t been done since the resurrection of Jesus!

As always, please pray over this message for interpretation and further revelation.

Scripture References:

Joel 2:23, “…rejoice in the LORD your God; for He has given you the former rain faithfully, and He will cause the rain to come down for you – the former rain, and the latter rain…”

John 7:37-39, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink.  He who believes in Me, as the scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.  But this He spoke concerning the Spirit…”

Matthew 16:18, “And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build this Church…”

1 Corinthians 10:4, “…and all drank the same spiritual drink.  For they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them, and that Rock was Christ.”

Johah 3:4, “…Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown!”

Matthew 4:2, 17, “And when He had fasted forty days and forty nights, afterward He was hungry…From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

1 Peter 5:6, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, so that in due time He may exalt you.”

15 Responses to “Hurricane Harvey – May Not Be What You Think!”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    William, I absolutely agree. Thank you for sharing this revelation from God. This witnesses to my spirit and explains so much to me. We only have a few short days left to pray, fast, and humble ourselves before our Soveriegn Lord. Bless His Wonderful Name, The King of Glory.

  2. William Thompson Says:

    Amen, Cynthia! What happened with Hurricane Harvey is symbolic of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the believers! Everything is in preparation of Christ’s coming as our Bridegroom!

  3. dpulliam Says:

    Excellent post! I’m thinking there may be others out there wondering about this topic, because it can be very confusing when folks were waiting for a big “kick off” event that’s supposed to change the dynamics of this nation….

    This storm caused horrible flooding, but thankfully not anywhere near the loss of life other recent storms have caused!

  4. Jeff Byerly Says:

    William, I just want to say I agree with you 100%!
    We ain’t seen nothing yet!
    Praise the Lord for this confirmation of what He told me yesterday.
    The Kick off event is coming though and we must stay ready in the Holy Spirit!
    Love and peace William and Diana!

  5. William Thompson Says:

    Yes, and Amen! We’ve not yet seen the full judgments of God loosed. Because those judgments will cause people to repent. And this will loose the manifestation of the outpouring of God’s perfect Love upon the Body of Christ in preparation for the coming Bridegroom!

  6. Deb C. Says:

    I agree, this storm almost seems to be a deterrent/smoke screen to what is about to take place. That nagging feeling of- get ready and prepare just won’t go away. It’s a furboding with a sensation of not quite being able to put your finger on it, but it’s there and near and we will all be used for a season and be somewhat overwhelmed in our inability to take it all in. It will be a harvest that will rot on the ground because we will not be able to contain it.( Disciple it). Pray for the workers, look at Houston, they are an example of what is to come, I sit here in my dry hospital watching and wishing I could be there to volunteer and bring in that harvest, oh my it’s coming my friends, I know you all wish you could be there in some capacity because we love as Christ loves. Dear God make us ready, equip your bride we pray..

  7. William Thompson Says:

    Amen, Deb! This is preparation for what’s ahead. We need workers for this coming harvest. God’s using this to call out those who have ears to hear and eyes to see the things of God, to come up higher and not look through carnal eyes. And as we do this, He will prepare the workers!

  8. Mike Fisch Says:

    I am hearing differently from the Lord based on Amos chapter 8. The noontime eclipse was a signal from God that judgment has begun and He will no longer overlook the sins of America:

    “The end has come for my people, I will never again overlook their offenses.” – Amos 8:2
    => Now is the time of consequences for sin and rebellion.

    “‘When that time comes,’ says Adonai ELOHIM, ‘I will make the sun go down at noon and darken the earth in broad daylight.'” – Amos 8:9
    => The noontime eclipse was a signal of judgment now.

    The first judgment is spelled out in Amos 8:8

    “Won’t the land tremble for this, and everyone mourn, who lives in the land? It will all rise, just like the Nile, be in turmoil and subside, like the Nile in Egypt.”
    => Rise like the Nile River and flood, causing turmoil in the land. This is Hurricane Harvey.

    What comes next, I believe, is in Amos 8:3:

    “‘When that time comes, the songs in the temple will be wailings,’ says Adonai ELOHIM. ‘There will be many dead bodies; everywhere silence will reign.'”
    => Coming is an event that causes many to die and people will look on in stunned silence.

    The message now is that people need to humble themselves and repent for their personal sins, acknowledge the wickedness of our nation and seek the Lord. Because the time is coming when it will only get harder to hear and respond to the true words of the Lord:

    “‘The time is coming,’ says Adonai ELOHIM, ‘when I will send famine over the land, not a famine of bread or a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of ADONAI. People will stagger from sea to sea and from north to east, running back and forth, seeking the word of ADONAI; but they will not find it.” – Amos 8:11-12

  9. William Thompson Says:

    I agree in that the sins of America will be judged by God. I do not believe that Hurricane Harvey was the beginning of His judgments. Yes, there has been devastation from the massive rains/flooding and some loss of life. Thankfully, it was not large numbers of people! That displays to me that God is still extending mercy. And if this is so, then it is not His judgments. When God releases His judgments, we will know without a doubt that He is dealing with the sins of this nation! Because of what God did with this particular hurricane, He immediately caused it to become downgraded very quickly. It did not hit inland as a catastrophic category 4 and remain so to cause utter destruction. What the Spirit of God is showing to me is that this is, indeed, a sign from Him but this sign points to a greater work that He is symbolizing through this hurricane! This is a sign of His outpouring of the Holy Spirit as the latter day rain upon the Body of Christ. And as He does so, He will move in great power and strength and it will inundate His people. This is a sign for us to get before Him in true repentance according to Joel 2 before the judgments are loosed. Because of Who God is and that He desires all to come to Him, He is yet wooing people to come humbly before Him! And this is prior to the judgments being loosed!! We do not have a lot of time before this is kicked off with a huge disaster and a great deal of loss of lives and destruction. I do not believe that He is going to give us a sign, as in the solar eclipse and then just a matter of a few days, hit us with a hurricane and not give people time to hear the warnings and repent.

  10. Mike Fisch Says:

    Hi William,

    Please see this post:

  11. William Says:

    Thank you for sharing your post.

  12. Kabous Says:

    Mena Lee Grebin posted a video in which she said God had enough. In our church in South Africa our pastor pretty much saw the same thing – he saw Gods glory ‘cloud’ cut in half and then God said the same thing.

    Mena said the sign He will send will be a last resort to get church leaders/ministers back on track. God is going to judge them first. I guess another way we can read that is that Father will need all hands on deck for what is coming and so that those seeking the Lord in perilous times dont get misled by false shepards.

    On another topic – the Rev 12 sign of the woman giving birth to a male Child and the love of God first flowing through Jesus and then to the Bride and the latter to be raised up – I have been following Erin of sparrowcloud9 and her amazing dreams for some time. On a few occasions she dreamt that she has on this earth a transformed body very similar to what Jesus had after the crucifixtion. She is not well and on numerous occasions asked God to heal her but He always said it is coming. It is my personal understanding her healing would be part of the new Move of God.

    If I am not mistaken it was Lana Vawser that had a dream also of not being detected by a demon whilst she was with some other people who were not in the same ‘state’.

    I know of a few people who had been translated to different locations which I see as the forerunners of what God is planning.

    This male Child must be the Remnant being ‘born’ into this new bodies in which they would do ‘the greater works’ Jesus spoke of. Being a Child it means this group will only be effective a short while before caught up (or like the 5 wise virgins to meet the Bridegroom. The foolish 5 virgins represent the Church (and those not yet saved) that was not ready and goes through the Tribulation).

    Now imagine Gods sign to the wayward pastors and ministers and the Rev 12 sign is the same thing! You can imagine such a minister having to witness ordinary people getting exalted with transformed bodies and they are left out. Egos would be dented and must be a ‘sign’ to them. Will they submit to God in humility and accept the situation or will they rebel and be offended?
    Remember, the Pharisees thought they had it all together until they experienced in their generation the new Move of God.

  13. William Thompson Says:

    I do agree with you in that God has had enough! Many are chasing after man’s ministries and their “prophetic words” and have fallen away from their first love – God! They are missing out on what God is truly trying to do and that is what you had said – to get the leaders/ministers back on track. But it seems there are so many who do not have ears to hear what the Spirit of God is saying!
    Yes, I do believe that when God begins to manifest this mighty outpouring of His love there will be many who will be healed! I pray that this person is one of them! For the purpose of the healings and miracles will be to bring glory to the Father!
    I believe that the male child was our Lord Jesus, Who is gloriously risen and seated at the right hand of the Father! The “woman” is His Betrothed! That is the Remnant! The Greek word used in Rev. 12 in all verses is G1135- gyne- this means: a woman of any age; a wife; a betrothed woman. We, the Remnant, are that woman! We are betrothed to Jesus, our Beloved Coming Bridegroom! When He returns, He is coming for His Bride! This is that “woman” that the enemy, the serpent, will attempt to come after to destroy. But God has promised that He will feed and nurture Her for 3 and a half years! This is when we truly will need that power of His Perfect Love to see us through what is to come!

  14. Cynthia Says:

    William, could you explain more about this 40 day period that seems to end on Sept 30th. Is this America’s last chance to repent? Does this coincide with the Jewish feasts and the days that they repent?

  15. William Thompson Says:

    Many are saying that God is giving to us a 40-day period to come before Him humbly and repent. The starting date of this was marked by the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. When you count 40 days from that date, it comes to Sept. 30. This is the Day of Atonement according to the Jewish calendar, which is observed according to their calendar on the 10th day of the month Tishrei. The 1st day of Tishrei is their New Year (of their civil calendar) and it is known as Rosh Hashanah. From the New Year to the 10th day, the Jewish people observe those 10 days humbly before God. It is known as their Days of Awe or the Ten Days of Repentance! So the aligning of these events are remarkable in that many are saying that God is giving people this period to repent before Him before He releases judgments. As for those who are pointing to Jonah and the 40 days in which he called out to the people of Nineveh to repent, this could mean that God is giving this nation that time period to come before Him in true repentance, national repentance!

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