A dear brother in the Lord sent me several emails containing various dreams, Words, and visions he’s been given from the Lord over the last few years.   I pulled the following one up last night, and because of what the Lord showed me after reading, knew I needed to post this asap:

Word of the Lord God given to William Thompson on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 4:29 A.M. EST

“Hear the Word of the Lord,”

“For thus says the Lord Jehovah, the One Who sits upon the very Throne of heaven,”

“Speak to those who call themselves Christian, who say that they are My sheep, to those who are nothing more but deceivers and have become wolves in sheep’s clothing, to the false shepherds and false prophets who say they have a word from God but have tried to make a profit from it by deceiving My children, by scattering the sheep!”

“Your sins and abominations, your arrogance and pride have come to an end! I can no longer tolerate you living off the fat of the sheep and have taken no care for their well-being, but instead have only been concerned with lining your pockets with money! I speak to you, that I will cause your pockets to have holes in them and you will no longer be able to gather in the wealth! “

“I will take away from you that which you have taken through deception and manipulation. You have been shepherds over the sheep for too long, and instead of binding up their wounds and helping them, instead of giving them nourishment to become healthy and mature, you have scattered them to every area of the world. Too many of My sheep have been wounded, starved, and cast out or run off, and I say to you that enough is enough! I will no longer tolerate My sheep being run off and scattered only to become food for other wolves!”

“No longer will I tolerate you robbing them and then saying that I have sent you! I did not send you, nor did I tell you to sell the prophetic as though you were the world! You have become seers and psychics, not prophets of the Living God!”

“What you have done in public, over the air, over the internet – I will bring to a stop! My sheep, the ones which you have scattered, will know that I have not called you, because I will judge you publicly before their eyes, unless you come before Me now and repent. Come to Me in humility, before the sheep, not in some hidden prayer closet, for the sins which you have committed were done arrogantly and publicly. Come to Me with a broken and contrite spirit, and repent and turn from your wicked ways, and I will forgive you. But if you choose to harden your heart, and say to yourselves that you have done nothing wrong, then I will reveal your sins and I will judge you.”

“In the coming days, I will begin to purge and to judge those who say they are Mine, who have a form of godliness but have denied the power thereof, and I will judge you swiftly and harshly. I will take away from you the source of your pride and the wealth that you have which has caused you to become bold and arrogant – and I will humble you before My sheep! Listen to the word of the Lord! Humble yourselves and repent before the hand of God deals with you and judges you! I will judge those false shepherds and false prophets swiftly, so that My sheep are no longer scattered upon every high hill. I will gather My sheep together, and give to them your wealth, your ministries, and your gifts, because you have not been faithful with them.”

“And then I will deal with this great land, this country which I formed. No man formed this nation, but it was I, the Lord God, Who created it! I am the One Who formed it for My own purposes. But I say to you, America, that you have become a rebellious harlot. You have turned away from your roots and you have despised the gifts that I have given to you. I gave you My children to dwell here so that you would receive the blessing, but instead you have persecuted My children. You have scoffed at their faith. You have scorned and rejected them and have tried to shut them out. But you have only managed to reject the source of your blessings. For this, I will judge you. I will show you that I am in control! I will show you that I am the One Who places people in power, and I remove them away from it.”

“Because of your arrogance and rebellion, I will deal with you just as severely as I will with My sheep. You no longer seek after Me or My will. You no longer tolerate My children. Instead, you have chosen snakes, vipers, and deceivers to be in position of power. I did not choose the leadership of this nation, nor was it My will! I did not place them to further scatter My sheep, but I can remove them! I will tolerate your haughtiness no longer. As I deal with those who say they are Mine but are not, I will deal with you. I will show you that I am the One Who is in control!!”

“Take heed and turn from your wicked ways and turn back to Me! If you do not, then I will deal with you. I will allow you to be brought to your knees before Me. If you do not turn away from your sins, your arrogance against Me, then in the coming days, I will deal with you. I will cause an earthquake to shake your west coast, and as you try to handle this in your own strength, you will be attacked by your enemies on your east coast, even while you are trying in your own vain attempts to clean up the gulf coast! Your leadership will utterly fail and I will remove them. If, even after all this destruction, if you will turn to Me, I will forgive you and will heal your land,” says the Lord.   End of Word

 ***God willing, I will write up and post within the next couple of days what happened as I read this, and the visitation I had immediately thereafter.

12 Responses to ““I Will Judge the False Shepherds & Prophets Who Say They Are Mine!””

  1. Sue Says:

    This is the day that I fear for I was given a similar message as well thru out the years. I want to look at the supernatural in the Lord but scariness of whats to come and images in my head taunt me. I pray for direction. I, my family am on the east coast. The Lord says he protects His children, I have to hold on to that hope. Oh boy, I understand the Lord has tried warning us for years and has been merciful, He has to do what he has to do and I understand. Having a difficult time in this, God please help me for whats to come, Jesus name

  2. Cynthia Says:

    Diana, I firmly believe this word is from the Lord and thank you for publishing it. It’s a hard word for an American to accept bc we have never been to uncomfortable. Knowing this was coming, I too, had been in fear for several years until recently. What changed? I decided–I either love the Lord and trust Him or not. And to trust and love Him whether I live or die–that’s the bottomline. He loved us first and He gave His life for us– there is no greater love.

  3. William Thompson Says:

    God has not given to us a spirit of fear – 2 Timothy 1:7! What God has been showing you is for you to “sound the alarm” and to pray over that which is revealed! As the time approaches, God is faithful to guide His people who are willing to seek Him and to listen to Him. Rest in His peace – Isaiah 26:3

  4. William Thompson Says:

    Yes and praise God! That truly is the bottomline. Our lives are not our own as they have been bought by the shed blood of the Lamb of God – Acts 20:28. We are to seek God and to trust in Him in all things and thereby receive His rest as His yoke is light. Our Lord Jesus will bear the weight for us and carry us when need be! How great it is that you trust in His faithfulness!

  5. Sue Says:

    Yes, thankyou for the encouraging words, I do read Gods word and pray. I have a compassionate heart and am empathetic to suffering. Lord knows I have a hard time seeing an animal hit in the road. I trust Jesus and am praying for those area’s I need help with. Yes! we have as Americans have had a Blessed peaceful place. He has been a great strong hold in my Life for I know He loves me so and He allows me, us to know these things for a reason. God Bless you all brothers and sisters

  6. Nicolas Smitg Says:

    My family in Christ Jesus, we are to obey God, we are to fear God and rest in his peace, we know what is going to happen and only those who finish the race will be in the kingdom our Lord will be bringing after purifying all creation, now remember the story of what Daniel went through when asked to worship the statue the king had made, and the three Jews who obeyed God, not man? Well is no different today, who will you obey? The scriptures tell us God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge right? But we live in modern times that by has put technology and human science above God, well history keeps repeating, but we the few remnants should keep obeying God, because that’s our Heavenly plan.

  7. dpulliam Says:

    Yes, and Amen to that! The pressure is about to be turned up and will disclose the hearts of men – whom will they serve? Let’s continue to pray for, not only the lost, but the sound asleep “church,” that the coming shaking will awaken the many.
    God Bless!

  8. Sue Says:

    Amen, I know who I will obey, God, I have the Lord beside me, Ps 91. I believe in His word, the truth, the way the life. also John 10:27 My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me. 28 I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one can snatch them out of My hand.…, unfortunately, its just me and the Lord, unfortunate and sad that my Christian friends don’t want to hear this message nor the lukewarm family. I will however tell them again in hopes as they see whats going on out there and thru prayer and the Lords intercession. Just as Jesus did. John 15:12-14. The Lord says I am stronger then I think and I apologize for sounding weak per say. Oh the times David felt alone BUT wasn’t and drew on the Lords strength as in Psalms. I am in agreement and do know exactly what you are saying. History keeps repeating itself in sin. I do know Daniels story/ Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, God amazing protection over them as well, Praise God. The blood of Jesus covers us. We can do all things thru Christ who gives us strength . In all of all you all have written , I too have received the same word or messages. God is amazing..Christ peace be with you all brothers and sisters in love, amen and amen

  9. dpulliam Says:

    Hello Sue!
    Sorry for the delay in my response. I know you’re a Mighty Woman of God! Believe me, I totally understand where you’re from, being the only one in your family, and sad to say, “church” that understands what’s coming. Most of the Lord’s called and chosen are in the same boat with us, and have shed many tears as friends and loved ones either walk away, or become lukewarm. Sue, I realized recently that the lukewarm actually think they can remain in this world, and squeeze into the kingdom at the last minute… What that tells me is that they still believe this world has MORE TO OFFER THEM! They’re saying by their actions they do not believe God’s way of living blesses one. Just wait, Sue! Our God is GOOD, FAITHFUL, and JUST. In the days ahead our Lord will show just how blessed are those who’s God is the Lord.
    Blessings, my sister!

  10. Jeff Byerly Says:

    Thank you for posting this Diana!
    I am looking forward to seeing what the Lord showed you.
    Love and Peace sister

  11. Sue Says:

    Hello Diana, I thank you for that word, (this also reminds me of Mathew 10:22) I was in the car a few minutes ago thinking the same thing, and then you just wrote it. I literally was just pondering what they think, that things will straighten itself out like always..NO! and they do feel they are good with God. Will still try, with Gods help. God is Good, sometimes its good to talk to people on the same page and I found that here. The mighty men of God in the past had these same feelings, shaking too til God sent them an Angel or just spoke to them, or sent like minded people in their lives. Yes our Father God is faithful, good and Just, patience only go’s so far. Praying for your family as well.. God Bless you too, with Love sister

  12. Sue Says:

    Diana, can you email me please, just wanted to ask something pertaining to a dream I was given. Thanks

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