“The Land Must Be Cleansed”

Sunday, February 12, 2017 posted by Diana Pulliam

streets of blood (2)

The evening of February 9th, I received the following Word/vision during a time of prayer with a close friend. I’d been feeling like there was something urgent the Lord wanted to show me for a couple of days.

After praying for some time, the Lord said:

“Do not be afraid to speak My Truth; I will confirm the Word, and you will do exploits!”

Suddenly, in an open vision, I was moving through the streets of a heavily populated city. It was dark, and I seemed to be in the downtown area. I can’t say which city, because I was only looking down at the streets. The streets were filled with blood! The blood was at least a few inches deep. A gigantic mop was swishing back and forth through the streets, like it was cleaning up the mess. I heard the Lord say:

“I have to cleanse the land. Blood covers this land.”

I began to see faces and bodies. They were covered in blood. Some were screaming for help; others were face down in the blood. The Lord impressed upon me that some of the dead will be people we know. I won’t describe the rest of what I saw, but it was like a massacre had taken place. And then He said,

“The land must be cleansed. Much blood has been shed. You MUST trust Me in this. I Am a Righteous Judge.”

“Your eyes will soon see horrors beyond your comprehension. But do not be distracted. Keep your eyes on Me alone. Do not look to the right hand or to the left.”

“Do not hesitate to say what I tell you to say, and do what I tell you to do, for I will speak and do through you.”

“Some, you will pull out of the fire; some you will raise from the dead; and others you will extend your hand for healing and restoration. I will show you which ones.”

Afterward, being shaken by what was seen and heard, we just sat in His presence for a while. We then began to sing quietly, praising Him for His great mercy in showing His people the things that are coming.

As we sat praising Him, we saw Jesus in the spirit, standing in front of us. He drew us close, then took what seemed like a blanket or cloak, and spread it over our bodies. We were totally covered and felt the weight of the cloak covering us in real time. End of vision.


The scenes in the vision were horrific. Whenever I’ve seen anything like this in the movies, I’ve always closed my eyes to block out the images. But there was no blocking this. It didn’t matter whether my eyes were opened or closed, the vision continued.

The Lord showed me; in His mercy, He wants us prepared for what’s coming. Psalm 91 was written for our day and will play out before us,

“…A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you. Only with your eyes shall you look, and see the reward of the wicked…”

The Lord is telling us the land must be cleansed, because much blood has been shed. He says WE MUST TRUST HIM IN THIS!

“For the LORD comes out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity; the earth will also disclose her blood, and will no more cover her slain.” Isaiah 26:21

“…The judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold…” Psalms 19:9-10

“I know, O LORD, that your judgments are right…”

Saints, our physical eyes will see things that we must not dwell on. We have to have total trust that our God knows what needs to be done – no matter what it is! We’ll need to walk totally by faith – and not by sight. ll Cor. 5:7

“…but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.” Daniel 11:32

This is the calling of the Church, those who know their God. We will be strong, carrying out great exploits in His Name. The Lord will show Himself strong, bringing much Glory and Honor to His Name.

The Lord says, “Some, you will pull out of the fire; some, you will raise from the dead; and others you will extend your hand for healing and restoration. I will show you which ones.”

A mighty work will be done by the Lord, resulting in the greatest harvest of souls in history. He will do this work through His Body on the earth.

After showing the vision, the Lord gathered us close, then covered us with His cloak. I cannot adequately describe the intense peace and calm that came over us. He showed me afterwards; without His covering, no man will stand. With His covering, wave after wave of His Glory will be imparted between the “birth pains.” (see ‘The Birth Pains Will Soon Begin.’)

The last thing the Lord stressed to me was that we need to meditate and spend much time in prayer about these things, so He can prepare our hearts.

Please take this before the Lord. Ask Him to prepare you for the days ahead.

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  1. Jeff Byerly Says:

    Thank You Diana for the Truth!
    May Spiritual Blessings be to you in the name of the Lord Jesus!

  2. dpulliam Says:

    It saddens me, the fact that the truth is such a rare thing these days. God bless you Jeff, and the ministry the Lord has entrusted to you!

  3. debi walker Says:

    I know in my heart you are hearing from the Lord and telling His truth.
    Not one of my Christian friends nor my family believe any of these messages so saddened by their futures …….

  4. dpulliam Says:

    You’re not alone. Most of the “christian” crowd will not receive this message, instead holding onto a cotton candy message, where repentance isn’t necessary in turning things around, and neither is the return of Jesus Christ!

    But we will continue praying for their awakening.

    God bless you, Debi!

  5. Victoria L Vatland Says:

    Good Morning D- Your vision from Our King leaves me speechless… and I am RARELY without words! I believe, receive and accept all you have written for His Glory. May you be abundantly blessed for your truth seeking heart. Have a beautiful day! v

  6. dpulliam Says:

    Yes, all for His praise and Glory! Thank you for your kind words.
    Blessings to you!

  7. Tamara Reeves Says:

    My name is Tamara and I’ve had very similar impressions from
    The Lord. He’s instructed me to post a live broadcast on Facebook with a harsh warning to the world and I obeyed. I’ve received much criticism and scoffing from family and friends and I’m heartsick to know that those I love dearly are lost and will suffer greatly if they don’t repent. My two daughters mainly and my unborn grandson. I have had my impressions from the lord confirmed by a pastor and know I’ll be going to Israel very soon.
    God bless you and I’m praying for a massive repentance for our nation.

  8. dpulliam Says:

    I totally understand what you’re going through with all the criticism. I’ve lost a friend or two, and get the dear in the headlight look from many who think I must have fallen and hit my head on a rock.

    I went to Israel in November and it was Glorious! It was totally of the Lord, and I knew it when I stepped off the plan. I’ll pray about your trip. Please keep me posted!
    God bless!

  9. Kathy Culver Says:

    Diana—thank you for the encouraging
    words to me on your post on z3 !
    In a more perceived way you hear from
    the Father in a like manner as me .
    Have not been on Facebook and
    putting words together is not my forte !
    Holy spirit is stretching me on z3 .
    The word I received about ” thunder &
    lightening walk ” etc. has a meaning to
    me and the Lord I would like to
    explain. If I remember correctly —
    about two years ago –we had twin
    fawns birthed outside my kitchen window behind a rock wall. The
    mother had separated the two and I new where on of them was.
    The very next day we had a thunder
    and lightening wind storm and I was

    very concerned about the fawn out in
    the woods next to the house.
    So I threw a rain parka on and a old
    floppy hat and set out to ck. on the fawn
    Was praying and looking but did not
    find the fawn. Asked Jesus to take car of Mom and the 2 new babies.
    Next day went to new prayer group–
    and met a powerful prayer warrior,
    it was her home and they had been
    missionaries in Mex. for years—As
    we started to pray for each other at the
    start of the meeting –she said of me
    ” I see you in a rainstorm and described
    what I had on and how the Lord saw
    me and saw my compassionate heart
    for His animals and how fearless I was .
    Wow that moved me to tears —
    Had not told anyone about that !
    So that’s what He meant about a
    ” thunder and lightening walk ” —
    A faith walk without fear !
    Did not know how to get a hold of you
    hope this works !
    God bless , feel your heartbeat —
    heartbeat from the Father –Shalom

  10. dpulliam Says:

    Oh, wow! How beautiful! And the Lord wanted you to know He sees your heart and love for His creation. He’s so gracious and loving to us. Thank you so much for sharing that!
    Blessings to you!

  11. Kathy Culver Says:

    Thanks for reply—my thoughts on what
    the T & L walk meant did not occur to
    me until you wrote your z3 comment
    back to me and then I remembered
    about the day of the storm !
    It’s His tender mercies —He is

  12. Mike Fisch Says:

    Hi Diana,

    Thanks for sharing this powerful word and for speaking the truth, which is desperately rare in America these days.

    “‘Therefore as I live,’ declares the Lord God, ‘I will give you over to bloodshed, and bloodshed will pursue you; since you have not hated bloodshed, therefore bloodshed will pursue you.'” – Ezekiel 35:5

  13. dpulliam Says:


    Yes, thank you for the excellent scriptural reference of Exekiel 35:5. Sadly, you are right – the truth is desperately rare these days!

    Blessings, friend!

  14. Pauline Says:

    Dear Ms. Pulliam,


    Are you aware that the massive end-time revival has already begun. The LORD in Malachi 4:5-6 promised to send HIS servant before that great and terrible day and HE has kept HIS promise.

    GOD Bless

  15. dpulliam Says:

    Hi Pauline,
    In countries outside the United States, especially in places of intense persecution, many are awakening and coming to Jesus. This is so exciting! In the United States, along with most western nations, the church as a whole has fallen asleep. But our God is Merciful and Gracious, and His plan is to shake this earth to awaken many – for the largest harvest for the Kingdom of God this earth has ever seen.
    Praise God!

  16. Arun Says:

    Satan arises forcefully. Need prayer, because church is already sleeping. But we must not come here to argue or to judge. Wake up, my friends, beloved in Christ! Fight! That’s why Almighty God is revealing this to you – each of you. Each of us must stand , take the sword of the Spirit, and be ready!

  17. dpulliam Says:


    Yes, Amen! We MUST awaken out of slumber! Prepare ourselves with the full armor of God and be ready!
    Appreciate your comment. Blessings to you!

  18. Mike Fisch Says:

    Hi Diana,

    A couple days ago my wife and I were having a quiet time and the Lord let us to Numbers 35, which is about murders, blood avengers and cities of refuge. In particular this verse was highlighted:

    “Do not defile the land where you are, for bloodshed defiles the land, and there can be no atonement for the land because of the blood that is shed on it, except by the blood of the person who shed it.” – Numbers 35:33

    The message I received is that God is going to atone for the blood shed by Americans by shedding their own blood. He is going to cleanse the land this way. Oh my, wow. Think abortion, foreign wars and conflicts, human trafficking/child sacrifice, etc. Unless our sins are covered by the blood of Jesus.

    Then the Lord led us to Judges 21 and 2 Samuel 18, both of which are about CIVIL WARS.

    I interpreted this to mean the bloodshed will come about through civil war and internal conflict.

    Also got Jeremiah 31, which is joyful and points to our coming deliverance. There is hope through and on the other side of this.

    I just wanted to pass this on as a confirmation. Heavy stuff. God bless.

  19. Marc Anthony Coddette Says:

    I just came across your Feb.9th message. My child was murdered thru abortion on Feb 9th 2012,in NY. In 2012 in NY more babies were murdered thru abortion than babies born alive. In this country in the 44 years of the Roe vs Wade decision more than 60,000,000 have been killed by abortion in this country and over 1billion worldwide. 55,700,000 babies killed by abortion in 2016.Ezekiel 16:20-23. I go to the murder mills(abortion clinics) to evangalize most of the people claim to know CHRIST and the Mothers have no other desire. Since the “pro-life movement” does not want to use the word murder because it is too harsh and the “Mothers” are victims instead of murderers, there is nothing to legislate against and the land is defiled and polluted by innocent blood.Less than 1% of the 1.3 million abortions are done for rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. There are fathers who do coerce women, but this is a woman’s constitutional fight the father or boyfriend can do nothing to protect that child’s life because of the mother’s choice and freedom and female empowerment.How is one empowering females by murdering 30,000,000 females?, it is over 60,000,000 alone in this nation. The mill I go to in Atlanta is called a Woman’s Preferred Center in Forest Park, there are two churches across the street one so big you can see it coming or going. Yet no one goes from these churches and friends of mine have been asked to leave with shortened conversations when they have tried to expose the evil that is just across the street with people coming to kill and sacrifice their children to demons (Psalm 106:34-42) and having absolutely no fear of GOD. JESUS gave two commandents Love the LORD GOD with all your heart soul and strength, and love your neighbor as you love yourself; the closet neighbo r anyone will ever have is that baby in the womb in Romans 1 and 2 Timothy is says that people will be without natural affection in these days and how do we love GOD,JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT by doing the most contrary thing to thier nature? GOD created and stills creates life, JESUS is resurrecting life here on earth, and eternal life THE HOLY SPIRIT comforts, convicts and guides us through life if JESUS is our SAVIOR. This is evil this breaks GOD’S HEART we don’t LOVE GOD at a rate of 3,000 every day.All life comes from the womb past,present and future. Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you I knew you” we murder children based on their rate of development by saying they are only fetuses, fetus is the Latin word for offspring “child” we call this good as it is written in Isaiah calling “Good evil and evil,good. That innocent blood cries out to GOD and he cannot bless a nation that celebrates,encourages, legalizes and is silent in dismembering babies who he sent to fulfill a purpose for him and the world. Babies develop a nervous system after 16 days to six weeks to complete. So they are burned and poisoned in excruciating pain the parts are disposed of in hazardous waste bags then picked up to be burnt or salvageable parts sold. GOD is allowing you to warn the nation and the world,about the wrath to come and the judgments that are already here. There is still a remnant out there and the truth stills needs to be told whether they accept it or not.Keep being bold about serving our FATHER, he will never leave you or forsake you.

  20. dpulliam Says:

    Praise God for your faithfulness. The Lord has called me to stand against abortion in our state, and to pray for others to join this battle in their regions. Thank you for sharing, Brother!

  21. Marc Anthony Coddette Says:

    Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and pardon me for the few other errors.

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