The Untouchables

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 posted by Diana Pulliam

December 16, 2016

During my study and prayer time this morning, thoughts of the intense spiritual warfare ahead for the Saints came heavy upon my spirit. Sure, spiritual warfare is a constant factor in the lives of Saints, but it was impressed upon me that we haven’t seen anything like what’s heading our way.

I saw in the spirit the darkness descending, similar to what I’d seen months ago and posted in the article titled ‘The Light Will Rise Above the Darkness.’ But this time I saw the descending darkness from where I was sitting. It was coming down as a cover, blanketing everything all around me.

As I watched, the Lord said, Yes, sin will abound, but My Grace will MUCH MORE abound in you! The same Power that raised My Son from the dead lives in you. Stay close. Abide in Me, and you will be untouchable.”

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  1. Ally himes Says:

    I can say I started having dreams around the Spring of 2015. I can’t get the images out of my head, but I started dreaming of trumpets and rapture, tribulation and Christian persecution. I am so glad I found this blog because now I know I am not alone. I have what feel like to me visions of what is to come and everyone around me thinks I’m just crazy. I have awakened in the middle of the night multiple times grabbing my husband telling him we’re on a cliff of a mountain about to fall into very dark, desolate, destroyed land. I have been saved and go to church but I feel like something is coming soon in my lifetime and I don’t know how to get anyone else to understand:( Thank you for posting this Blog and I will keep up with you regularly.

  2. dpulliam Says:

    I know what it’s like to share what the Lord is showing you, and to have others just give you a blank stare (or worse). Ask the Lord who you’re to share these things with. When you feel led to share with a particular person, don’t worry about how it’s taken. You’ve done your part, now it’s between them and the Lord.

    God bless you, Ally!

  3. Carol Says:

    Hi Diana, I’m a humble saint and I believe that I have knowledge concerning your latest warning from the Lord. I’ve noticed over the past 3 weeks in the rather rural region where I live ( south-eastern Qc) that an individual of stature (I presume it’s Jesuite) who habitually practices sorcery has been granted overwhelming magical powers to oversee the whole region, in a manner similar to what saints may experience when they pray and bring down to themselves the glory of Jesus and then ray it outwardly. I feel that there has been on several occasions a human physical presence having visited this region and remained stationary for at least an entire evening, relatively close-by to where I live and I’ve evaluated that the magical and mystical power exerted by this individual has been on the level of Lucifer. I’ve judged that not all people around me respond to the promptings of this demonic force set up to rule over human soul activity of the entire region but by far, most do. An on-the-fence Christian neighbor and a couple elderly religious ladies across the street appear to me to posses a certain measure of resilience but not a couple of Evangelist neighbors. Very deep-rooted fear is present in the later and so I assume an experiential raising of the veil is going to be necessary for larger numbers of Christians to resist the sublime level of these renewed demonic powers. I’ve already gone through a ‘raising of the veil’ procedure over the course of a decade some 30 years ago which leaves me now quite prone to alot of spiritual confrontations. This latest confrontation is quite impressive. But seeing as I love living ‘Jesus’s power’, I’m at least somewhat prepared to being inconvenienced. However, in this instance I did fear for my life and clung deeply within Jesus. These types of hings were quite a bit easier back in the day before the proliferation of cell towers, etc But this confrontation has passed possibly temporarily and what’s very beautiful to see today physical signs outside of an incoming cosmic phenomena increasing because this equates an increasing of Jesus’ presence and activity amongst us. As well, it equates a sure promise of a spiritual purging of wickedness in high places.
    That will be nice.
    I hope this little note acts as confirmation and possibly clarification for what you are being shown. Thank you.

  4. dpulliam Says:


    I pray the Saints will let go of all around them and cleave onto Jesus as you have done, because the rising evil is now covering the earth like a blanket. We have to be totally hidden in Him to receive His Glory covering and be “Untouchable.”
    God bless!

  5. Bobbie Says:

    The Lord woke me up early one morning; message was so disturbing (last quarter of 2017) didn’t share it with anyone for a week or two and when did share it with one of my most gifted Apostolic Types he said “yes they are”! Ally: Very few people want to hear the truth (Matthew 7:13-14) and or know the truth and or live in truth when try and share get blown off or forget about that; or we don’t want to hear negative we only want feel-ley good messages (remember that when you might be burning in hell for compromising and leading many down that same path for ministries who are teaching false doctrine and worse NOT praying and or repenting. Or, they tell you to put on God’s lenses. God is Love, Grace and Mercy but he is ALSO JUDGMENT AND HE IS HOLY as they cut out/remove correction, rebuke, reproof, judging righteous judgment or teaching lies “you/were not called to judge, pastors are only accountable to God”-which god?); so much control=witchcrart to shut you up! I Corinthians 5:11-12

    God/Jesus/Holy Spirit does NOT LIE TO ME, man does. Yes, know what his Word says like 2 Kings 6:16 and so many other verses for me it was up the clarion call to REPENT AND PRAY set aside all your dead methods and dead programs Pastors/Church/Ministries and PRAY AND REPENT AND WEEP between the porch and the altar and put on sackcloth and ashes, weep, mourn, etc.
    the message was: “witches and warlocks are winning”. Someone told me to say satanist; so it’s not so offense; CAN’T COMPROMISE THE MESSAGE. So, that’s when I asked God how and what to pray.

    January 8th 2018 someone played me a message where a man was rebuking to have NOTHING to do with the Charismatic church as they’ve been taken over by witches and warlocks and that entire movement is basically SO SATANIC which they are (he was confirmation).
    I would have NOTHING to do with a Pastor/Church, if the Apostolic/Prophetic isn’t in full entity and Bible wasn’t going forth like rivers of living water and true worship that ushers in God and his Glory rather than the garbage of “murdering the music” that walking dead are serving up. That Holiness, Righteousness, Repentance, Humility and Prayer was standard.
    My former Pastor prayed a minimum of 12 hours a day as he was dripping Glory, Intercession and the Oil was running off his hands in the supernatural and he was like the Fire of God no one could be in sin and where are those types of Men/Women?

    Please pray that the deep, dark and hidden secret things be revealed (it’s in his Word, pray the Bible) and for the Glory and the Fire of God to come (there is more=ask how and what to pray for as God will have a “House of Prayer”)!

    Psalms 27:7-10 “Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. 8) Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle. 9) Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in 10) Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, he the King of glory. Selah.

    Confirmation for all this would be Why Revival Tarries and America is Too Young to Die by Leonard Ravenhill!

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