“Their Plan From The Beginning!”

Friday, May 6, 2016 posted by Diana Pulliam



What I’m sharing is something I absolutely did not want to write.  But after much prayer, resistance on my part, and tears, I feel led to release this word/vision from the Lord.  Please take what you read before Him in prayer for confirmation.

First, I’d like to acknowledge the debate going on over TV and the internet about Obama being the supposed Antichrist.  To date, I’ve stayed out of the conversation, because I hadn’t received anything from the Lord about this.  Knowing it was prophesied there would be many come in the spirit of antichrist, I did feel Obama was absolutely of that spirit.  But THE antichrist? I wasn’t sure.  Recently, a servant of the Lord recommended that one should go before the Lord and just ask Him!  So about a week ago I began asking, “Lord, is Obama the antichrist?” I’ve asked this question every day since, and now believe I’ve received the answer.

On May 4th, 2016, while getting ready for work, I was listening to a radio broadcast about Rafael Cruz being in a photograph taken from a 1963 video, where he’s standing with Lee Harvey Oswald passing out pro Castro pamphlets, this being a few months before Kennedy’s assassination. I’d just heard a few minutes earlier that Ted Cruz had suspended his campaign. Please know, I have nothing against Ted Cruz, and only mention this because it’s what triggered the train of thoughts that followed.

A feeling of intense sadness came over me as I realized how little we really know about a politician, or the behind-the-curtain activities going on in the governments of this world. I began thinking about all the deception, how so many wars have been fought throughout history; nations toppled, leaders replaced, oftentimes with fabricated reasons given to the common folk as to why. Usually, our government tells us these actions are to “liberate the people.” Thoughts of recent wars raced through my mind as I left the room and began walking towards the kitchen.

By the time I sat down at the bar, the ‘Arab Spring’ was playing like a video in my head.  I saw as, one by one, the leaders in various nations were removed from power, and others put in place.

Suddenly, it was like a rewind button was pushed and I saw the face of Saddam Hussein of Iraq in front of me.  Next, the face of George W. Bush, grinning from ear to ear appeared before me. It was the scene from when he’d landed aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, giving his triumphant war speech, with a banner displayed behind him which read, “Mission Accomplished.”

Just as I saw the “Mission Accomplished” banner, the Lord said, “This was their plan from the beginning!” I said, “Lord, what was whose plan from the beginning?”

Suddenly, I saw a vision of Saddam Hussein hanging from a noose in front of me. The scene then changed to the profile of a man walking away from me towards a plane. Just before he got to the plane, he turned around to look back.  It was Barack Obama.  He briefly looked about, as one does when they’re moving to another home, that last goodbye glance.  He had a hint of a smile, which then turned to a sneer as he turned around and headed up the steps to the plane.

As I was taking in what I saw, the Lord said, “They will receive him with open arms, as he will be known as the one who took down the Great Satan.” End of Vision.


It was immediately relayed to me in the spirit that as soon as Obama’s mission in the United States is complete, he will leave the United States, and take up residency in Iraq. All the plans are already in place. As the Lord said, “This was their plan from the beginning.” He will be received with open arms and known as “the one who took down the Great Satan.” If you’ve followed the rhetoric from the Islamic nations, you already know this to be the term they use for the United States.

Feeling quite shaken by this time, I asked the Lord, “Why Iraq?” I was then led to look up the history of Iraq.  Please know, I’m not a history scholar and claim no expertise in any of this. As I began to read through articles on the internet, I could hardly contain myself.   The following are bits and pieces of what I’ve found in the last few days of searching as time allowed:

Iraq is centered in what was called Lower Mesopotamia, part of the Fertile Crescent, and is considered the cradle of civilization. The early kingdoms of the earth ruled over the area: Babylon, Assyria, Persia, and the Greeks are some of the empires that ruled until the end of the 3rd century, when it was once again under Persian control. Fast forward to the 7th century, when the Islamic conquests brought in the Rashidun Caliphate.

Baghdad became the center of the “Islamic Golden Age” under the Abbasid Caliphate in the 9th century. Iraq then went in and out from under the rule of various kingdoms until it was absorbed into the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. World War I ended the Ottoman rule, as Iraq came under the administration of the British Empire.  Eventually, a republic was established in 1958 following a coup d’état.

Saddam Hussein controlled Iraq from 1979 until 2003, when he was deposed by the U.S-led invasion.  He believed Iraq was the modern day Babylon, and was totally obsessed with restoring and rebuilding Babylon. He also believed he was the Son of King Nebuchadnezzar and wanted the kingdom restored to its former glory. Having distaste for the Word of God, he wanted to prove to Christians that Babylon hadn’t been destroyed – and would in fact rise again.

Based on what the Lord showed me, it appears Saddam Hussein wasn’t the only one with aspirations of rebuilding Babylon.

For lack of space, I won’t go into all the elaborate structures the U.S. has built, and is planning to build, in Iraq.  From what I’ve found in just a couple days is that about half the budget for military bases outside the United States is currently being poured into Iraq. That’s pretty big when you consider we have bases all over the world. In July, 2015, it was reported that several more U.S. bases are planned.  The United States has withdrawn troops down to a skeleton crew. So, why the vast build up?  What’s behind the curtain here?  I encourage everyone to check into this after much prayer.

Why, Lord, Why?

I’d only asked the Lord a simple question: Is Obama the antichrist? But our God is true to His Word and able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think (Eph 3:30).  I was stunned by this vision and not sure why the Lord had given it to me – one who has no background or expertise in history or prophecy. After asking Him, “Why me Lord? I feel so inadequate to write about these things.”  I believe He’s shown me that it’s because most have preconceived notions and doctrines they will not let go of, so would not be able to receive.

Many believe the antichrist will eventually move to the future temple in Jerusalem, while others believe something altogether different.  I wasn’t shown that far ahead, only his next move.

The Lord doesn’t want His Church – the very Body of Christ to be blindsided.  I pray we let go of our notions, doctrines, and traditions of men.  Let’s get into the Word of God ourselves, praying fervently for the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus promised us that the Holy Spirit would remind us of His Word, lead us into all truth, and show us things to come (John 14:23; 16:12-15).  I believe the Lord is showing us what’s coming very soon.  Satan has it hidden behind the curtain – but there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.  And the Word tells us the antichrist would be revealed at the proper time (2 Thessalonians 2:6).

Saints, the Lord wants to reveal all things to us so we’ll not be caught unaware.  All we have to do is ask!

(James Bailey, of www.z3news.com posted this on his site and wrote a supplementary post:  http://z3news.com/w/obama-arising-role-king-assyria/, which gives valuable information on this topic.  If you wish additional information, I highly recommend the read!


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  1. Michael Says:

    Hi Diana,
    This vision is truly unique, thank you so much for sharing it. I have a question still. You asked God whether Obama is the anti-Christ, and God gave you this vision of Obama’s next assignment, as well as what his assignment was with America.

    I can see how it’s possible to view this as a confirmation, but the Lord didn’t actually tell you Obama is the anti-Christ, He just showed you Obama’s plans.

    I’m open to whatever the truth is, so I don’t have a steadfast opinion, I just want to believe only what comes from God, as man has a tendency to jump to conclusions at times.

    So, what makes you sure this vision is confirmation of Obama being anti-Christ?

  2. dpulliam Says:

    Hi Michael,
    Someone asked me that question on z3news, so I’ll give you the short of that answer:

    It’s interesting that when I asked the Lord if Obama was the antichrist, all I thought I needed was a straight up “Yes” or “No.” But He gave me so much more than I asked for.

    Although I only wrote what I saw and heard, the Holy Spirit confirmed with my spirit, and the answer was “Yes.” Right now, we only see a wicked, frail, pathetic puppet of a man. But I believe a transformation will be coming upon him that will blow the socks off a good portion of mankind, to the point they will bow before him. And I highly recommend reading the entirety of James Bailey’s post on http://www.z3new.com, which he wrote as an addition to my post, giving additional information to help tie in Biblical prophecy, history, and how Obama fulfills everything written about the coming AC – the Assyrian. Here’s the link for additional info: http://z3news.com/w/obama-arising-role-king-assyria/

    You are on the right track. You mentioned, “I’m open to whatever the truth is, so I don’t have a steadfast opinion…” The Lord said the Holy Spirit would remind us of the Word (so we have to be in it), lead us into all truth, and show us things to come” (John 16:13). I recommend you take this before the Lord in prayer and thank Him for this promise. Ask Him to show you what your need to know – is Obama the antichrist. I believe this truth is received by revelation, to show us the schemes and plans of the enemy, so God’s people will not be caught unaware.

    Hope that helps!

    God bless you, Brother!

  3. Michael Says:

    Thanks Diana,
    I have been a reader of Z3 for over a year, so yes, I am familiar with the proofs of Obama being anti-christ, as well as the very recent post by James with the history of Iraq/Assyria.

    The best proof I read was his scripture regarding Christ waging war with the King of Assyria, who sets himself against the Prince of princes.
    Pretty good, I agree.
    I do understand the position of Obama going through a transformation, read it many times on Z3, so I am fully aware and prepared to see this.

    Either way, your vision is increedibly valuable, as it gives us insight into wold affairs and what to expect, so thank you so much Diana!

  4. Alison Says:

    Thank you for sharing your prophecy. I read another prophecy about someone (I wish I could find it!) who was at an elite cocktail party where she was told it was best to leave soon to a remote location. Obama who was at the party, had left on a plane never to return. I believe he had a smirk on his face. Afterwards the nukes came and destroyed America. Obama was abroad to oversee the final battle. Obama was the Antichrist.

    Have you ever been on Tribulation-Now Blog Talk Radio? The host there is a strong believer of Obama being the Antichrist and you sound like you’d make a good guest.

  5. dpulliam Says:

    That’s interesting, because I believe James Bailey at z3news also had a dream similar to what you describe.

    Yes, I was on Tribulation Now Blog Talk Radio back in April. I’m going to be on again this coming Wednesday night (20th).

    God bless you!

  6. Pat Says:

    Hello Diana,

    Have you heard the interview Rick Wiles from TruNews did with Rebecca Sterling? I found it very compelling. Long story short, she was given the memories of a woman in the future. Rebecca was able to see the future through the memories of this young woman. She believes that Obama is not the anti-christ. She believes that he has been lied to and that he’s only playing a part. The two-ish hour interview is available on YouTube.

    Benjamin Baruch thinks that the anti-christ is prince Charles. I did a little research on that and it seems to fit.

    In the long run I’m not really sure it would make any difference to me one way or the other. Our country, as a whole, has turned away from God. Abortion, gay marriage, no prayers in school, etc.

    Another thing about Rebecca, she believes that, due to a financial catastrophe, there won’t be an election and that Obama will declare martial law and promise to hold elections after he can guarantee fairness.

    Just wondering if you have any thoughts on that.

    God bless,

  7. dpulliam Says:

    Pat, I’m with you as far as it not making any difference to me. I only asked the Lord because at the time, I was hearing many prophesy that Obama was the Antichrist. Jesus said the Holy Spirit would lead us into all truth and show us things to come.

    I very much believe Knowledge of the identity of the anti Christ is by revelation of God. The rest of the world will be deceived. I only know what God showed me, and it shook me to my core. None of what I was shown was by a dream. It was all an open vision, and hearing the voice of the Lord speaking to me. Only time will prove whether I was having hallucinations, or if I received this from God.

    But since receiving this Word from God, I’ve discovered countless others from decades ago, who prophesied the last President of the U.S. would be a black man and lead the US into the tribulation. Also that he would turn into a ruthless dictator. Definitely, interesting times we’re in.

    Blessings to you, my friend!

  8. Debra Michael Says:

    10 years before Obama stood up, God revealed the scripture to me revealing who the son of perdition would be. The Lord said when he stands up you will know it is he, meaning that this man was “born” there, this is who I have “mentioned” to you. KJV of the Hebrew scripture for the word “mention” is “Zakar” meaning “to mark” so as to be reconized. Psalms 87 “The Lord said” I will make “mention” of Rahab and Babylon to them that know me. The Lord declares this man’s pedigree in verse 4 and in verse 6 the Lord shall “count” and through this the Lord showed me that this man was “born” there, meaning the Hebrew “Yalad” to show lineage declare pedigree, “to be the son of” and that this man would be half white and half black, and that the Lord did numbered him at his birth. Also psalms 89:10 and Isaiah 51:9 shows you who the deadly wound is of Revelation 13:3 and Revelation 13:12 is. Now it can be understood that the first head of the beast who was wounded by the Lord God was “Rahab” being the “epithet of Egypt”. The Lord also revealed to me that the son of Perdition would sit in the high place, Ezekiel 20:29 “Bamah” According to the Hebrew scriptures in the Strongs Concordance of the Bible #1117 #1116 #1120 #1168 Bamah is the Phoenician diety “Baal” of philistia. Also according to the original Hebrew scriptures in the Strongs Concordance of the Holy Bible #1281 #1272 #1288 #1300 #1299 have these meanings, the serpent as fleeing, and the constellation by that name, to blaspheme God, also as lightning, and a glittering sword. All these define this name in Hebrew, “Bariach, Barach, Barak, Barak. Now here is wisdom let him that hath understanding “count” the number of the beast for it is the number of a man and his number is six hundred threescore and six. Obama was “born” on August 4th 1961. August 4th is the 216 day of the year, and 6×6×6 =216. Now in Hebrew counting 1+9+6+1=17 and 1+7=8. Now there is 7 heads and 10 horns to the beast of Rev 17:3 and in Rev 17:11 it is declared that he is the 8th and goes into perdition. Here I see the first head of the beast which was “Rahab” being healed which becomes the 8th who was the first head that was wounded being “Egypt”. Upper Egypt is Ethiopia, and lower Egypt is the Delta where the great pyramid is which is on America $1 bill, and the eye on the pyramid is the Eye of Baal. O is ayin for eye for the Egyptian On or the city of Heliopolis, And Baal is the Phoenician diety for Bamah. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heliopolis Behold Philistia, and Tyre, with Ethiopia: this man was “born” there. Now “Rahab” the emblem of Egypt has this meaning, The serpent, the pride of Egypt,”Proud Strength”, a boaster, to capture, act insolently, to overcome to make sure of thy strength, “Arrogant” imperious ruler!
    Keep your minds on Yeshua to him be all the glory, for his return is nigh and at hand. FOR THE LORD LOVETH THE GATES OF ZION MORE THAN ALL THE DWELLINGS OF JACOB, GLORIOUS THINGS ARE SPOKEN OF THEE O CITY OF GOD. SELAH!

    Another thing I found was this! http://www.historyandheadlines.com/august-4-70-ad-romans-destroy-second-temple-jerusalem/

  9. dpulliam Says:

    Yes, it’s amazing when you go into the history of it all. Thank you for sharing!

    God bless you!

  10. Godwill anya Says:

    We compare Scripture with Scripture!!The antichrist is COMING from the ORIGINAL ROMAN EMPIRE of ten nations.America or Africa IS NOT one of them!!!!!.
    The antetype of the antchrist CAME from SYRIA.You had BETTER look for the antichrist from there!!!
    The antichrist WILL NOT be antichrist because of the COLOR of the SKIN!!!!
    The antichrist’s type opposed God in ISRAEL in HISTORY in the GOD’S TEMPLE!!!He will do that again in HISTORY!!!Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon WAS NOT AN ANTICHRIST,therefore OBAMA CANNOT BECOME NEBUCHADNEZZAR to become the antichrist!!!!NO ONE IN ALL AMERICE HAS THE POWER OR RIGHT TO PUSH GOD TO CHANGE WHAT IS ALREADY SETTLED IN GOD’S PLAN!!!
    Simply,therefore,REMOVE Obama from your plan to make him the antichrist.It will not work!!!!

  11. dpulliam Says:

    Hello Godwill,

    The Roman Empire had a western, and an eastern, leg. A good portion of Africa was included in the eastern Roman Empire.

    The antichrist is also called the Assyrian. Today, there is no modern nation of Assyria, but the areas controlled by the ancient Assyrian empire primarily included modern Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon. But Assyria had expanded its territory to include modern Jordan, Kuwait and northern parts of Africa. Obama is from Kenya.

    I believe knowledge of the identity of the antichrist will be by revelation only. The Bible says the whole world will be deceived by him – and if it were possible the very elect would also be deceived. I recommend every one pray and ask the Lord about this, because Jesus said the Holy Spirit would lead us into all truth and show us things to come. God does not want his people blindsided.

    I mentioned in the post that I did NOT want to post this. I am not a history scholar, and feel totally unqualified to even talk about this. But the Lord made me! He told me that’s why I was to do it, because others would find it hard to let go of preconceived ideas. I believe James Bailey, owner of Z3news did an excellent job of a supplementary article to support what the Lord showed me, which I am most grateful for. Please read this historical piece on the Roman Empire and the history of Obama. Here is the link my friend:


    God bless you!

  12. Freeman Fobbs Says:

    I had a dream three months ago on August 3rd in which me and a close relative were at an event where President Obama was speaking. He saw us and walked over to my relative and whispered in his ear, as if it was a deep secret and said “I am the no name Brand made for our destruction,” (meaning the USA). I was astonished and woke up immediately. However, I did not understand why he called himself a brand, seeing that I had never heard of anyone being called a brand until I began to look it up. I ran into several YouTube videos of people who were being interviewed calling him a created brand by the CIA and the Elite. This matched my dream because he had said that he was someone that was made which also means created. Anyone can look these videos up by just typing in Obama Brand on YouTube search menu. I found out later that brand also means mark.

  13. dpulliam Says:


    Wow! Thank you for relaying this dream. I’m hearing many are being given dreams and visions of this nature about Obama. Jesus told us the Holy Spirit would lead us into all truth and show us things to come! The anti-christ was to come against the strongest of fortresses, and in our day that’s the United States. To know the identity of the antichrist is by revelation only – and it sounds like you have just received it!

  14. N. Poppey Says:

    With all do respect…I also hear the voice of God and receive dreams and visions. I vote for republicans and democrats through the years so I am speaking as a Christian who loves God and desires to know the inner thoughts and feelings of the heart of God. I believe you were mistaken in presuming that President Obama is the antichrist. He shows more Christ like character (fruit of the spirit) than Most Christians in and out of the church! Could the next president that followed him actually been who God was trying to warn you of in hindsight? And he was our last hope before judgement would fall…Maybe you need to search your heart concerning this and possible repent for adding to the phobia that the church held against him. I was saddened by the way that President Obama was treated by the Republican Party and evangelical right! Reminds me of how the Jewish leaders treated Jesus. As a Christian I am ashamed of some of my brothers and sisters in Christ.Talk about persecution!!! He was completely disrespected. Now we have someone the church voted in who does not reflect the spirit of God in office who has a lying, deceptive tongue and his principles of business and personal life is contrary to the word of God!!! What is wrong with the church???? Has the church lost its compass? God revealed the answer to me but I believe some need to ask about it themselves. The church needs to understand why Jesus wept!!!

  15. dpulliam Says:

    N. Poppey,

    As a fellow Christian, I’m sure you’d agree with 1 Corinthians 13:9, “For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.” That applies to every one of us in the Body of Christ. You hit the nail on the head when you said, “…God revealed the answer to me, but I believe some need to ask about it themselves.” Each of us must look to the Lord our God for instruction and revelation. As you know, the deception of the coming antichrist will be “…he who deceives the whole world…” (Rev. 12:9). So without direct revelation from God, each of us risk such deception.

    Sorry, I cannot agree with you when you say Obama shows more Christ like character than most Christians… His record speaks for itself. Our Lord would not lie about his beliefs, stating marriage should be between a man and a woman, just to get into office and promote a homosexual agenda, which IS AN ABOMINATION in the sight of God! I do not believe our Lord would go against His Word, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you…” (Gen 12:3) to curse and abandon Israel, as the Obama administration has done. And I know our Lord would not promote and defend the murder of the innocent children in the womb. No, I truly do not believe Obama should be considered “Christ-like.” As far as him being the “Antichrist,” let’s watch and wait for that one…

    But you are correct, in that the “Church” has totally lost its compass! The church as a whole is sound asleep at the wheel. Please join with me in prayer for the awakening of the Church. May the Church awaken, repent, and be used mightily in the days ahead, as the fields are ripe for the harvest.

    Come soon, Lord Jesus!

  16. Christine Chapman Says:

    Dear Diana ; I know this may seem strange that I am leaving a reply so long after the original post you made ; May 2016 …just to explain I follow Z3 news posts & have read your many posts there. But lately felt led to go to your site titled Mighty Hand Of God & one thing led to another in reading your many articles. I came across this post & comments REPLYS..by the many folk. Fellow believers.Z3 had a recent article re Obama knocking out other kings ; it was posted for maybe May or June and as I was reading this post of yours & going back to the one on Z3 news The Lord ( Holy Spirit reminded me 2 yrs ago approx ..I was looking @ a few articles & came across one re Obama & his ancestry ..Barak Obama Senior was African but married a White woman by the name of Ruth Baker who surprisingly was a Jewish girl from Massachusetts…Barak Obama has a half brother Mark..I have the link to the article still.
    sent it to Z3 news this morning my time & the article has photos etc.. Obamas half brother lives in Japan & is married from memory..the article as one reads it shows many connections I believe… So all of these comments merit high approval from myself as being very possible ..could it be possible Obama may be the forerunner to the A/C …THERE ARE ALREADY MANY A/C SPIRITS PERSONS IN THE WORLD…certainly if we do not seek forgiveness thru our Lord Jesus Christ ..the only way to the Father ABBA is thru the shed blood of his precious son..THE LAMB OF GOD…if people reject his saving BLOOD, MERCY & GRACE ; MAY I ADD NON BELIEVERS ALSO MAY HAVE A SPIRIT OF A/C ..MANY NON BELIEVERS ;
    BEFORE THEY BELIEVE & ARE BORN AGAIN ARE IN THIS SPIRITUAL REALM OF DARKNESS ….we who are born again & received baptism of the Holy Spirit can no longer walk in spiritual darkness as we are meant to be children of the Light. May God bless you for your faithfulness in maintaining this site and the many posts re dreams/ visions / words of knowledge to help those who believe in the Risen Christ Jesus Our Lord & Saviour. Kind regards from me CC.

  17. Diana Pulliam Says:


    Yes, I believe Obama may be a “forerunner” to the Antichrist. I highly recommend a post by William Thompson, ‘Mutiny in Hell,’ about this very subject. Just type in the title in the search field on this site.

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